You probably already know Microsoft Teams makes it easy to connect with your teammates. But Teams also offers several tools to make your messages even more engaging, such as pinning messages and adding headers. Make the most out of Teams with these six insider tips. 

1. How to share the right screen

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to avoid sharing the wrong screen during a meeting. Simply click the “Share” button during a Teams meeting, and you’ll have the option to either share your entire screen or a specific window. Then, click the option that best suits your needs. 

 2. How to pin messages

In a chat, Microsoft Teams allows you to pin an important message by clicking the more options icon on your message and clicking “Pin.” This pins that message to the top of the chat window and makes it easy for everyone in the conversation to find.  

 3. Filter messages to find past conversations

Find the exact conversation you’re looking for by using the search bar in Teams. Type a keyword or employee name into the search bar and hit enter to find all of the Teams messages containing that keyword or name. 

 4. Use the chat function within a meeting

Using the chat function within a meeting allows you to quickly communicate with the meeting members without having to start a new thread or interrupt a conversation. To do this, click the “Chat” button at the top meeting bar (next to “People” and “Reactions”). This will open up a separate chat that includes everyone in the meeting. 

 5. Add a heading to your message

To add an eye-catching header to your Teams message, click the “Format” button at the bottom of your message box. This allows you to add a title, though it only works in channel Teams messages – not individual or group chats.  

6. Change your meeting background in Teams

After you hit “join” for your next meeting, a window to adjust your camera and audio settings will pop up. In this window, you can select “Background filters” under your video image. This function lets you choose a new background from your options, or select “add new” to upload your own.  

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