Leverage the power of the cloud with Agio’s hosting services, spanning public, private and hybrid environments.

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Your office building keeps your team connected and safe; digital hosting does the same for your most precious commodity — information. Agio’s cloud solutions cover all of the bases, offering intuitive and easily-accessible virtual infrastructure, messaging and data protection. Our preference is for clients to first and foremost consider Agio’s Managed Public Cloud, and for those clients not quite ready to make the leap, we maintain our private cloud. On top of hosting, our engineers are ready to lend a hand 24x7x365, whenever an issue may arise.


Public cloud is where the world is headed, and the forward-thinking CTOs, COOs and CFOs are already there. But read any successful public cloud migration (i.e. Netflix), and you realize the strategy, planning and execution of migrating your business is far from easy. That’s where we come in. Agio assesses your organizational size, complexity and hardware lifecycle to determine whether you should consider hosted DR, server augmentation, or a complete migration. Then we execute and maintain your environment, maximizing efficiencies and scale to exploit cost savings throughout your entire lifecycle.


For those not yet comfortable with the public cloud, Agio's secure private cloud hosting offers on-demand, scalable cloud computing for companies of any size. Specifically, we offer encrypted data transmission and storage to keep your information safe, our dedicated IT staff keeps your data accessible, and our compliance against the SSAE 16 SOC Type 1 and 2 standards keeps everyone – from legal to compliance, insurers and investors – happy.


You can’t afford to lose information, whether it’s because one of your users accidentally deleted information or you get attacked by ransomware. Our state-of-the-art cloud-based system, which we manage for you, is automated, centralized, encrypted and regulatory compliant, so if (and when) you need a backup, all you need is an internet connection to get up and running again.


Your communication channels should work, and work well. Agio partners with some of the best in the business, including Office 365, Proofpoint and Global Relay, to bring you hosted messaging with a 99.99% uptime guarantee that includes encryption, mobile support, and compliance archiving for email, instant messaging, Bloomberg, SMS, and social media.


Should Plan A fail due to a power outage, data breach or other natural disaster, Agio will be ready with Plans B and C. We replicate your data to our private or public cloud (whichever you prefer), and manage the failover from production to DR, and back to production, to ensure your data is always synced between environments.


We live in an “always on” world, and you need access to your information whenever something arises. Making sure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of that data doesn’t become an issue is what Agio does best, and we do it by partnering with the best-in-breed cloud platforms and partners to keep you at the technology forefront.

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