As homes and businesses incorporate more smart devices into daily life, they become increasingly susceptible to cybersecurity threats. Learn what devices are most vulnerable to attacks and how to defend yourself or your business below.

Devices at Risk of Being Hacked

Any device that connects to the internet is vulnerable to hackers. These products are known as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and while many may not seem like effective targets, their simplicity makes them attractive to hackers. Many appliances like smart refrigerators don’t have strong passwords or security systems, giving hackers easy access to your network.

With a single-entry point, hackers can jump to all your connected devices and routers, compromising your entire system. Most hackers attack IoT products to access more valuable devices and implant malware or ransomware. A few of the most vulnerable devices include:

  • Cameras: Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, baby monitors, and security systems are constantly exposed to the internet, increasing their security risks. While hackers may target them to spy or speak through them, they often use these devices as a gateway to phones or computers with sensitive information.
  • Smart home features: Every smart device, from picture frames to garage door openers, can be susceptible to an attack. Hackers may hold devices hostage, like changing channels or the volume on a TV, or mine for sensitive information on voice-activated speakers.
  • Workplace aspects: Hackers can attack various devices, systems, and equipment to disrupt businesses across industries. From shutting down power at a hospital to crashing drones on a construction site, hackers can cause significant damage to unsecured business IoT devices.
  • Vehicles and equipment: Keyless cars, drones, and internet-connected machinery are at risk of being hacked. Hackers can locate and hijack these products remotely, causing them to crash, drive off, and everything in between.

How to Protect Your IoT Devices

Preventing hackers from accessing your IoT devices and your network requires diligence. A few ways to protect your home or business include:

Learn How Agio Can Help Your Business

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