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We’re making strategic decisions to deliver a frictionless IT experience.

The AgioNow platform allows for dramatically enhanced standardization, instrumentation, and automation while leveraging ITIL best practices. This means seamless service for you and your people.

Fewer issues.

Our event management and correlation, problem management, and root-cause analytics reduce any recurring issues quickly and efficiently. Once you’re onboarded, you’ll be able to see the reduction in your case count over time (so you know it’s working).

Faster resolution.

If you do have an issue, we fix it faster by leveraging automation and instrumentation for the most efficient workflows.

Smarter insights.

We pair always-on support from your dedicated Customer Success Manager with expert insights to give you the information you need to feel confident in our service.

Next-gen support in four steps.

Continuous communication

We underscore this part of our culture by delivering regular case updates to clients via Agent Comments. Resolution Notes are also sent to clients, with the option to accept or reject the solution.

Knowledge Management

Also known as the intellectual capital of Agio, AgioNow Knowledge provides a platform for us to realize a framework of continuous knowledge evolution. This makes it easier to discover known solutions and ensure articles stay relevant and up-to-date.

Better performance

After a case is closed, we generate an automated Case Experience Score based on case duration and communication. Users are also given the option to provide specific feedback. If case performance is negative, we begin a communication process with that client to understand what caused the negative experience.

Sentiment analysis

We employ machine learning and natural language processing to identify patterns in client communication, which then automatically escalates a case when a negative or urgent sentiment is detected. This enables us to address situations before they become a problem.

Meet Agio's Accelerator Team.

Leaders in engineering, automation, product development, and data science, they're on a mission to bring you smarter, faster, safer technology.
Jean McCabe
Chief Innovation Officer
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Your all-access portal.

Clients can access the AgioNow Customer Service Portal to see the current status of their cases, escalate issues, access training and view market insights.

Instant access.

The AgioNow Chat puts you in touch with an agent in real time. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you never have to wait on hold again.

AI-driven reporting.

Get a full picture of the health of your environment via Agio Insights, our regular reporting platform. Accessible anywhere, anytime.

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