Managed Detection
& Response

You can’t defend against what you can’t see. Through detection and response, we proactively manage your environment to reduce your risk of a breach.

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Critical security threats hit national and even international news at an unprecedented frequency, costing millions of dollars and taking many jobs along with them. Day-to-day management of security controls is crucial. Failure to detect and recognize malicious activity in your environment places your organization’s data and reputation at risk. You need what we can offer, which is a transparent managed detection & response (MDR) solution with full reporting and accountability.

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We install agents on your servers to analyze malicious traffic both inside your firm and out, helping you to defend against ever-evolving evasion techniques, even when they are applied on multiple protocol levels.


Automated daily scans evaluate your network assets for vulnerabilities to help us clearly identify potential areas of exploitation and increased security risk. The results act as a compass for those hot spots we need to focus on protecting.


We leverage log collection data from security and network devices, Active Directory and applications to cross-correlate and provide unparalleled threat monitoring, prioritization and mitigation responses.

24X7 SOC

We leverage the best-in-breed technology when it comes to MDR solutions, layering our own industry-specific experienced engineers on top of our partner Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC provides defense, and we provide the industry-specific offense.


We want you to know what’s going on in your environment when it comes to cyebrsecurity anomalies, traffic, attacks, etc. This allows you to see what’s working and what’s not over time so we can make decisions together on what needs to change. With our DOMO reporting platform, you receive:

  • A clear visual breakdown to make everything easy to understand

  • Cybersecurity trend analysis within in your environment

  • An archive of closed cases for your records (i.e. paper trail)

  • A monthly meeting with your Account Manager to walk you through it all


Our engineers continuously analyze anomalies, looking for trends specific to your industry, while keeping you up to date on the latest threat intelligence feeds. We regularly meet with you to review your customized monthly report and the overall health of your security posture, and give you full access to our reporting platform so you can see what we see on a daily basis. It’s the difference between providing insight versus just alerts.

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