Vendors are your 2nd biggest cybersecurity risk. What are you doing about them? Agio’s Vendor Risk Program is your answer. Watch and learn more:

Let Agio help you protect your business.

You’re only as secure as your vendors. 63% of breaches start with a vulnerability at a vendor.
Biggest Vendor Breaches

  • Target: Breach Source – HVAC Vendor
  • Boston Medical: Breach Source – Transcription Service Vendor
  • Home Depot: Breach Source – Third-Party Credentials


  • Walmart, Costco & CVS: Breach Source – Photo Service Firm


  • Sonic & Whole Foods: Breach Source – Credit Card Processing Vendor
  • Netflix: Breach Source – Audio Production Company


  • Best Buy, Sears & Delta: Breach Source – Chat & Customer Services Vendor
  • Under Armour: Breach Source – MyFitnessPal
  • Universal Music Group: Breach Source – Contractor

Our solution? Agio Vendor Risk Program. A 360° managed program so you know where your vendors are at all times.

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