The CTO’s Guide to Outsourced IT

As someone responsible for your firm’s technology, the procurement of outsourced IT services is one of the most important decisions you can make. It can be costly or generate large ROI if you select the right provider and services for your specific needs. When considering outsourced IT, some of the questions you may ask include:

• How do I know which services I need?

• How do I know which service provider to choose?

• How do I ensure that institutional knowledge is retained in the outsource process?

• With the evolution of service delivery models, such as cloud computing, how can I ensure what I buy now will still be around in two years time?

The goal of The CTO’s Guide to Outsourced IT is to help you answer those questions and make the right choice for your firm. We’ll cover information like:

1. Identifying the core elements of an effective IT managed service

2. Knowing what to look for in your service provider

3. Clarifying the basics of cloud computing (and other next generation services) and what it can do for your business

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