HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, PCI, vendor risk, medical device security, cloud computing, and state specific regulations such as DSRIP and the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act. This is what the health care industry is up against, and this is what we specialize in conquering for our clients.

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<b class="color-dark-gray uppercase">Providers</b>


Hospitals, clinics and other doctors’ offices providing emergency and primary care.
<b class="color-dark-gray uppercase">Business Associates</b>

Business Associates

Those who work with health care providers to process payments and maintain health records.
<b class="color-dark-gray uppercase">Payers</b>


Insurance carriers and health plan sponsors financing the cost of health care services.

Technological advancements to software, medical devices and recordkeeping systems have enabled you to serve patients at an unprecedented level of care. But this new technology also carries with it increasing risk of a cyber attack – and an attack that doesn’t just put patient data at risk, but patient lives as well. Then comes the ever-changing red tape surrounding patient information. Trying to manage all of this within budget and leveraging current resources veers dangerously close to the phrase, “set up to fail.”

Our services address the three-legged stool that is cybersecurity – prevention, detection, and response. We take a holistic programmatic approach to all three disciplines, which is designed to flex with your current cybersecurity efforts, and keep you compliant. Some of our programs have even been proven to save up to 3,000 hours of internal resources and $160,000 in total cybersecurity spend. Agio understands how important patient information and safety is, and we have the health care-specific solutions and engineering expertise to deliver.


Preparing you for and responding to hackers who breach your defenses.

The comfort of knowing Agio is there when I need them, and knowing we have a cybersecurity framework in place with which to work is incredible. It’s the peace of mind I need to know that we’re doing everything we can to protect our patients and their experience with Halifax.

Robert Gordon, Director of Information Systems
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