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How to Get Better at Financial Analysis Using Excel

Financial formulas for Microsoft Excel can improve your analysis of your investments and loans, making them useful in personal and professional finance. You can use these formulas in combination with one another for further insights. Become a better financial analyst with these formulas: PMT for Loan Payment Calculations The payment (PMT) formula is one of

7 Things to Avoid in Excel

Excel is a powerful tool, but users can make common Excel mistakes leading to formula errors, incorrect data, and other issues. Learning how to avoid errors in Excel makes spreadsheets more accurate and reliable. Here are seven common Excel problems and solutions to keep your spreadsheets error-free: 1.

How to Use the LOOKUP Function in Excel

The LOOKUP function is a type of reference function in Excel. It looks up a value in a range of one column or row (also called a vector) and returns the corresponding value from another one-column or -row range. Its syntax is: =LOOKUP(lookup_value, lookup_vector, result_vector) This formula is useful for retrieving an approximate-matched value instead

The Most Common Excel Errors and How to Fix Them

Microsoft Excel is excellent for tabulating, sorting, and visualizing data. Yet, it’s a source of frustration when you find yourself facing pesky error messages that pop up and halt your operations. Resolving them is easier when you know the common errors in Excel and their meaning.

If Someone Tells You AI Will Replace Your Human Support Team at Agio, They are Lying to You

Traditionally, reaching peak IT support performance has meant maintaining a team of on-site tech professionals. Now, its adapted into a harmonious blend of tech-enabled services, deep human expertise, and customized services to fit your exact needs.

Calculating Net Working Days excluding Weekends and Holidays

Human resource partners and other professionals must track benefits that arise on a workday basis. Calculating the number of workdays by hand can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when factoring in nonworking days like weekends and holidays. Fortunately, Microsoft Excel’s workday function simplifies this process.

Microsoft Azure’s Vulnerability Discovery — and Best Practices for Azure Security

A vulnerability is an oversight or weakness in a cloud’s security measures. Cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to corporate accounts. Let’s go over a vulnerability that recently occurred in Microsoft Azure along with some helpful security measures you can take when using the platform.

How to Add Buttons to Excel to Run Scripts

Office Scripts add automation to Excel worksheets in OneDrive, SharePoint, and the desktop version. This feature adds a button to your Excel sheet and runs a series of steps when you click on it. Instead of doing tasks manually, you can create an Excel online button to run a script to improve your workflow and

How to Reduce IT Costs

Finding ways to cut spending in your technology department — or really any department, for that matter — is more than ideal, especially when you’re on a tight IT budget. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for ways to lower your IT costs. 4 IT Cost Reduction Tips Whether you have

How to Change Email Preview Length in Outlook

Outlook automatically shows the sender, subject, date, and time of every email. The folder pane can also display some text from the reading pane with the “Message Preview” setting. With email preview, Outlook pulls the first one to three lines of the message from the preview pane into the folder pane.

How to Send Form Responses to Outlook with Power Automate

Power Automate is an online tool within the Microsoft 365 productivity software family. Use Power Automate to generate automated workflows between apps and services to facilitate data collection, file synchronization, and notifications. You can use Microsoft Forms with Power Automate to: Send approval requests with form details Deliver an email to a form responder Add

When to Use Heat Maps in Excel

Excel is a useful app for organizing data, but seeing data in spreadsheet form can be less than helpful in some cases. A heat map transforms your data into a visual representation. Knowing when and how to use a dynamic heat map in Excel helps you work more efficiently and improves productivity.