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How to Safely Share Files in SharePoint

SharePoint is a digital collaboration system that uses list databases, workflow applications, and other web components to allow business teams to work together more efficiently — and safely.

Hedge Funds Accelerate Shift to Outsourcing to Counter Risks of Extended Work-from-Anywhere Model

The 2022 Hedge Fund Managed IT Trends Report explores how 100 hedge fund practitioners view the role of managed IT in their transforming technology landscape.

Data Protection Best Practices

Our expert cybersecurity team has a checklist for best practices to keep your company’s data safe.

Why iPhone Lockdown Mode Is a Must for C-Suite Cyber Risk Management

Apple is releasing a new feature called ‘Lockdown Mode,’ an optional but extreme protection setting that defends against targeted state-sponsored attacks.

COVID: The Lingering Toll on Your Internal IT Help Desk

COVID triggered a remote business model that not only added cost and complexity to your firm, but also challenged the idea of traditional IT support desks.

Employee Termination Checklist for IT

Ending an employment relationship with an individual can be a difficult and complex process. That’s why your IT department’s termination checklist is crucial for the security of your organization.

A Tale of Two Cyber Vulnerabilities: Why It Makes Sense to Consolidate Managed IT and Security Operations

When you have separate managed IT and extended detection & response providers, you’re in a potentially vulnerable position.

What Is Network Management?

A network management system is vital for monitoring and controlling the network’s hardware and software and ensuring their productive operation.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft SharePoint

As with most Microsoft apps, SharePoint has a lot to take advantage of. Here are five things you didn’t know about SharePoint that can make your life easier. 

What to Expect From a Help Desk

This IT help desk for beginners guide will help you identify the right components for the best caller experience.

Hindsight is 20/20: What CTOs Can Learn from COVID-19

If you’re a CTO, you’ve seen the joke: Do most companies have a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place? Yes.

5 Creative Ways to Communicate with Microsoft Teams

How you communicate with your team members matters. Microsoft Teams has several tools that can turn your messages into engaging posts that can’t be missed.