In the highly intricate realm of hedge fund IT, CTOs are responsible for crafting the technological framework that supports the firm’s overall strategic direction. This involves managing an abundance of emerging tech trends and market changes, necessitating considerable agility and foresight. Finding a managed service provider (MSP) that helps a CTO move their vision forward rather than one that holds them back is a challenge. 

At least that’s what the hedge fund CTOs who participated in Agio’s 2023 Hedge Fund Managed IT Trends Report said. There was unanimous agreement that outsourcing holds the key to streamlining operations, promoting innovation, and igniting business growth. They want access to cutting-edge technologies and services but don’t want to build or maintain them in-house. If you’re insourcing, it may be time to reshape the way your organization operates to remain competitive; if you’re outsourcing, it may be time to switch providers.

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Strategic Outsourcing Priorities Among Hedge Fund CTOs 

All hedge fund CTOs who responded to the survey and currently insource their IT needs said they plan to outsource within the next two years, and those who outsource say they’re ready to switch providers in that same timeframe. The hedge fund CTOs making these transitions are driven by a range of benefits, all of which bring them closer to the goals of improved technology strategy and infrastructure.

Hedge fund CTOs who want to simplify operations and boost overall efficiency by outsourcing told us they’re looking for an MSP who can: 

  • Manage and support a public cloud environment (62%). With the public cloud, your hedge fund can take advantage of built-in scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and advanced technologies—perks that are useful but also complex. Hedge fund CTOs said they want a partner with the expertise to handle those complexities and harness the full potential of cloud services without getting sidetracked by pitfalls like security vulnerabilities. When you have the right partner, you know the cloud is optimized, best practices are in place, and solutions are aligned with business goals. 
  • Improve end-user responsiveness (46%). As you know, the quality of end-user support directly impacts user satisfaction and productivity. When IT issues come up, quick and effective resolution is essential to minimize disruptions and maintain smooth operations. Outsourcing managed IT services gives you access to specialized support teams with expertise in resolving technical problems promptly. By prioritizing end-user support responsiveness, hedge fund CTOs like you can enhance user experiences, reduce downtime, and ensure that employees can work efficiently without being hindered by technical obstacles.
  • Demonstrate a robust operating model to investors (38%). Investors often scrutinize a hedge fund’s operational efficiency and effectiveness before making decisions. Finding a strategic ally allows you to demonstrate a tactical approach to technology management that maximizes tech capabilities while minimizing risks and costs. This can potentially attract investor confidence and align with your hedge fund’s growth and expansion goals.
  • Access to better uptime and quality (38%). Reliable and consistent service is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted business operations
    and user satisfaction. Improved uptime and quality signify a commitment to providing a seamless and dependable technology environment. Downtime or service disruptions can lead to financial losses, damage to reputation, and frustrated users. Hedge fund CTOs recognize that a higher level of uptime and service quality can enhance productivity, support growth, and foster trust among customers and stakeholders.
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Those hedge fund CTOs looking for a new third-party MSP also cited the cloud (75%) and access to better uptime and quality (25%). But they added the ability to bundle managed IT and cyber ops under the same roof (75%) because security is non-negotiable.  

We’ve seen the trouble with separating these services firsthand, and the bottom line is that multi-vendor solutions are less agile—our data show that response time takes 40% longer to resolve an issue. On the other hand, we’ve found that when clients take advantage of both our managed IT and cyber operations services they’re up to 80% less likely to see a vulnerability escalate. Single-vendor solutions result in faster incident response times, easier management of security measures, and more effective allocation of resources.

2023 hedge fund managed it trends report

Your Competitive Advantage 

The transformative power of a trusted vendor lies in their ability to amplify your innovation. By lifting the weight of daily operations, you can channel your creative energy into positioning yourself for sustained growth and expansion. This journey of innovation manifests through several key avenues: 

  • Business Growth: The right partner empowers you to redirect your energy toward high-impact initiatives, fueling growth and expansion. As a hedge fund CTO liberated from the intricacies of IT management, you and your teams can dedicate expertise to developing new products, entering new markets, and fostering strategic partnerships. 
  • Competitive Edge: Working with a third party gives you the freedom to focus on strategic endeavors that offer a competitive advantage (e.g., enhancing customer experiences, pioneering technologies, or creating innovative business models). 
  • Flexibility: Outside relationships give you the flexibility to swiftly respond to market shifts and evolving customer demands. This agility empowers proactive engagement with new opportunities, facilitating a proactive stance that embraces change. 
  • Innovation: The best partners provide industry expertise and cutting-edge technological know-how. This accelerates innovation, resulting in new products, services, or business models that drive growth and profitability. 


Unlocking Real Transformation 

At its core, outsourcing is a strategic shift that goes beyond everyday tasks. It fosters an environment where technical and operational teams can focus on strategic initiatives resulting in growth, competitive edge, flexibility, and innovation that fortify the entire business ecosystem. 

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Working with a third party is less about giving up control and more about a growth mindset. By embracing an outside vendor, hedge fund CTOs free their teams from routine operations, enabling them to explore new horizons. Your renewed focus on growth, competitive prowess, flexibility, and innovation can transform your firm into a resilient powerhouse. Ready to get started? Contact us today.