Agio 2023 Hedge Fund Managed IT Trends Report.

Learn how economic & employment trends are linked to the way hedge funds source IT services.


2023 hedge fund managed it trends report

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​​​​Inflationary pressure and staff turnover are sparking a surge in IT outsourcing.

Respondents revealed that rising costs are changing how hedge funds manage and support their IT services. More than half of firms (55%) that currently outsource their IT management and support said they would increase outsourcing due to inflationary pressure. 

The Great Resignation has had an even sharper effect on the push toward outsourcing, with 87 percent of firms looking to increase outsourcing due to high employee turnover and increased labor costs.  

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Understand the similarities and differences in how hedge funds source and consume managed IT services as they navigate an increasingly challenging and complex environment.

Survey Methodology

Agio worked with Market Measurement, an independent survey administrator, to conduct the 2023 Hedge Fund Managed IT Trends Survey Report. The survey was fielded in Q1 of 2023. A total of 121 online interviews were conducted with technology, cybersecurity, operations, compliance professionals in the hedge fund industry to assess attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions among hedge fund executives about sourcing and managing their cybersecurity solutions and programs.

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