How to Reduce IT Costs

Finding ways to cut spending in your technology department — or really any department, for that matter — is more than ideal, especially when you’re on a tight IT budget.

How to Change Email Preview Length in Outlook

Outlook displays a preview of emails so you can read the first few lines before opening them. Learn how to change the email preview length in Outlook.

How to Send Form Responses to Outlook with Power Automate

Power Automate to generate automated workflows between apps and services to facilitate data collection, file synchronization, and notifications.

A Hedge Fund CTO’s Guide to Navigating the Labyrinth of MSP Selection

Learn how hedge fund CTOs are working to strike the right balance of insourced and outsourced IT resources to gain an operational edge in the industry.

When to Use Heat Maps in Excel

Heat maps turn data into visualizations, making it easier to interpret. Learn how to make a heat map in Excel and the various uses for heat maps.

The Great Resignation’s Impact on the Hedge Fund IT Support Model

While the Great Resignation may be behind us, firms are still wrestling with its impact on the industry’s IT support funding model. Learn how firms are harnessing the potential of third-party providers to stay ahead of the curve.

The Best IT System Management Tools

System management tools are the best way to ensure organization and efficiency when you have several systems to monitor and manage.

How to Use Excel Check Boxes

The check box tool in Excel lets you select and unselect options in the worksheet like a digital checklist.. You can use Excel check boxes to create interactive to-do lists, dynamic charts or graphs, project trackers, and more.

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Cybersecurity

Discover the basics of cybersecurity with these 10 need-to-know tips! 1. Use Strong Passwords Using complex passwords makes it tougher for cybercriminals to access accounts.

7 Things To Do To Prepare For The SEC’s Cyber Risk Management Rules

Are you ready to go through your first SEC examination under the new regulations? Here are 7 things your firm can do now to ensure you’ll be ready when the SEC’s cybersecurity rules hit.

Secure Alternatives to Single-Factor Authentication and Password Managers

Despite its commonality, you should not use single-factor authentication to secure critical data. Learn more about this verification method and how to better protect your business.

How to Unlock Protected Excel Sheets Without a Password

What if you want to edit a protected sheet of your Microsoft Excel workbook but have forgotten your password? The zip file method unlocks your protected Excel sheet, no password is needed. Follow these steps.