Agio Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

Agio manages the health and performance of your infrastructure, including standard blocking and tackling, reducing false positives, and hands-on posture reporting – all from a single pane of glass.

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We leverage Agio Launchpad, our automation engine, and Agio Monitoring System (AMS), our custom monitoring application, to optimize and track your environment in real-time while providing you with complete visibility. Clients prefer this option when first getting to know Agio, and once we’ve proven ourselves, customers start to leverage us for more sophisticated management of their infrastructure. As a cornerstone of our business, Agio’s infrastructure management team consists of engineers dedicated to controlling and remediating your environment, working hand-in-hand with your internal resources. Here are some of the common activities we tackle day-to-day for our clients:


Let us handle patches and repairs for everyday bugs and breaks.

Backup Issues

Ensuring your backup is running smoothly to protect against disasters.

Linux Support

Our IT professionals know how to expertly manage your Linux OS.

CPU/Disk Space

Tackling CPU glitches and correcting disk space warnings.

Server Builds

Building out servers to your specifications, whether on premises or in the cloud.

Infrastructure Monitoring powered by LogicMonitor

  • Agio Server Monitoring
  • Agio Storage Monitoring
  • Agio Network Monitoring
  • Agio Circuit Monitoring
  • Agio Environmental Monitoring

Infrastructure Management

  • Agio Server Management
  • Agio Workstation Management
  • Agio Patch Management
  • Agio Batch Job Management
  • Agio Storage Management
  • Agio Network Management

Transparent Tools

Cross-Domain Visibility

The AMS tool spans servers, storage, network, virtualization, databases, and applications to automatically cross-correlate metrics in real-time.

Root-Cause Analysis

AMS rapidly isolates, in real-time, the root cause of network issues, which is especially valuable in virtualized environments.


A single instance of AMS can monitor applications in data centers, private or public clouds, and remote offices.

Full-Stack Application Insights

We provide Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports, unlimited dashboards, and advanced metrics to provide a 360° view of your business applications.

Configuration Management

AMS uses an auto-discovery process to pull and backup configuration files. We flag policy violations and update configurations on the fly.