If time is money (and when isn’t it?), any downtime your company experiences takes IT resources away from critical initiatives and directly impacts your bottom line. Your team shouldn’t spend time blocking and tackling when their hands are full operating big-picture projects that drive revenue.

We’ve seen firms attempt to implement on-prem monitoring systems only to fall down when it comes to maintenance. You can’t think strategically if you’re stuck in the weeds all day fighting tactical fires. Agio can keep you on track and focused on the projects you need to feed revenue. How? We’re glad you asked.

Our Network Management service offers complete administration and customized fine-tuning of your network. We secure the back-end infrastructure and stored data and closely monitor and manage routers, firewalls, and analytic data for traffic flow—all the things you don’t have time for when you’re focused on generating revenue. Our highly trained and skilled team administers and troubleshoots your network allowing you to maintain best-in-class service without pulling your IT team into troubleshooting and remediation.

The crux of our Network Management service is the Agio Monitoring Service (AMS). With AMS, Agio monitors, collects, analyzes, and manages all network connectivity and network hardware for availability and performance issues—and we do it transparently in real-time. This single pane of glass allows us to monitor your infrastructure while providing you with complete visibility.

When AMS finds an issue, it works in tandem with AgioNow (our service management platform). When AgioNow receives an alert, it uses machine learning (ML) and AI to look at overall history to determine if a problem is unique or similar or the same as something already in the system that has been previously fixed. This process limits the noise of multiple cases and allows us to focus on the real issue so we can work quickly to resolve the problem based on past information.

For example, if we receive 10 Servers Down alerts within a short amount of time, AgioNow uses ML and AI to cut through the noise to see if there are multiple issues, or if it’s a single network issue with a snowball effect causing issues for multiple systems down the line. We save you time, money and resources by solving problems swiftly and efficiently.

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We think that’s a pretty good service offering, but we couldn’t just stop there. We know you have choices, so we go above and beyond our competitors. Here are just a few things that put us over the top:


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Desktop As A Service


You get enhanced standardization, instrumentation, and automation while leveraging IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices. The result is strategic data-driven decisions and a frictionless IT experience for our customers.


Cross-Domain Visibility

AMS spans servers, storage, network, virtualization, databases, and applications to automatically cross-correlate metrics in real-time.



A single instance of AMS can monitor applications in data centers, private or public clouds, and remote offices.


Full-Stack Application Insights

You can track application availability and performance metrics together with the performance of your infrastructure, cloud, and networks. We provide:

  • Custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports.
  • Unlimited dashboards.
  • Advanced application metrics offering a 360-degree view of your critical business applications.


Configuration Management

AMS uses an auto-discovery process to pull and backup configuration files (including serial numbers and encryption settings) from network, server, and storage devices. We flag policy violations when they happen and update or restore configurations on the fly without bringing development to a standstill.


Centralized Log Management

Eliminate context switching between IT infrastructure monitoring and log management products by correlating relevant logs in a single platform. Create custom alerts to look for specific log messages or alerts on anomalous log patterns using continuous profiling algorithms.


Change Management Process

We apply a set of controls to updates made in your environment, indicating the reason for the change as well as the party who made it.

In short, Agio Network Service provides outcomes by reducing noise so you have the time and space to see the bigger picture and move forward accordingly.

Cybersecurity Governance Framework


Agio proactively manages your infrastructure and IT environment to ensure it’s in a healthy state and stays that way. What does that mean? It means reduced downtime, early detection and remediation, and complete reporting and accountability. Most of all, it means increased productivity, system availability, efficiency, and performance.

Agio’s Network Management Service provides peace of mind by ensuring your critical network is optimized and leverages ML and AI to correlate issues, reducing the time it takes to identify and resolve network incidents. The result is improved performance, reliability, and security. The best part? Your teams can focus on what matters without the stress of network management.

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Can you afford not to engage Agio Network Management services?

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