Agio Desktop As A Service

Our solution provides a best-in-breed secure and reliable workstation hosted on Microsoft Azure, available from anywhere in the world.

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The 2020 COVID pandemic forced IT departments to reevaluate the solutions they had in place to support the global economy’s new way of working from home. Citrix is expensive and difficult to manage, and VPN is far less secure. Internal IT needs a way to standardize the environment, boost employee desktop performance, enhance flexibility for work from anywhere, improve business continuity with tighter cybersecurity and compliance, and reduce spend. Agio Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) meets, and exceeds, all of these needs in this new normal.

Agio DaaS delivers a multi-session, personable, and persistent Windows experience with access to essential applications that are completely optimized for services like Outlook, OneDrive Files on Demand (per-machine), Teams, Bloomberg, Eze OMS, etc. Your users are more productive, you no longer have to manage multiple licenses, and you reduce your overall budget without the management effort required to maintain multiple workstations. This all comes wrapped in Agio’s service, managing the underlying Azure infrastructure and desktop images, including critical IT governance like vulnerability remediations and monthly patching.

Our solution has two options – Pooled or Personal. Pooled refers to a set of VMs temporarily assigned to users as they sign-in, and each time a user signs in, the user may be assigned a different VM. Personal is when a single user occupies a specific virtual machine, similar to if a user had a dedicated physical PC. Here’s a snapshot of how the overall solution works:

The COVID pandemic has forced every decision made by CTOs, COOs, and CFOs into the limelight, and the ripple effects of these decisions have never been more acutely felt by the organization. With Agio DaaS, we are helping our clients turn this ripple effect into a positive one – ensuring technology is an enabler, not an inhibitor. Our service is the next-generation remote workstation solution, complete with best-in-class security configurations to protect your data and assets. And with Agio’s continuous monitoring and management, our solution provides all the elements IT stakeholders look for – increased user productivity, reduced costs, and stronger cybersecurity.