Database Management

When we take on your database environment, we’re focused on three things: increasing availability, reducing cost, and decreasing cybersecurity risk. If a provider is unable to deliver on all three goals, then you shouldn’t be outsourcing to them.

Database management

Database assessments.

We understand sub-optimal database management processes add cost, complexity, and risk to your business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive database assessment at the onset of each client engagement.

Our database assessment identifies current state and defines future state for all core database elements, including security checks, performance checks, configuration checks, data consistency, backup and disaster recovery protocols, and more.

Unsure of your database health? Take this self-assessment to find out.

Database migration expertise.

At Agio, we provide a comprehensive approach to database migration to ensure successful execution of each client project. Our database team adheres to strict industry standards to guarantee data safety and quality, while also meeting each client’s specific set of needs.

Our migration process includes an in-depth analysis of existing systems, a complete back up all data before making changes, custom process scoping to match your firm’s specific needs, thorough post-migration testing, and complete documentation for reference and support.

Ongoing performance tuning and risk monitoring.

We employ a 16-point daily health check process that scrutinizes all aspects of database management to optimize performance, lower cost, and reduce cyber risk exposure.

Our team continuously monitors storage, memory, and CPU usage, while tracking database logs for suspicious activities. We also monitor native HA/DR events to ensure prompt remedial action should an issue arise.

Our meticulous monitoring process leaves no aspect of your database management program unchecked, ensuring you maintain your operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Meet Your DBAs

As a part of our solution, you receive a named DBA lead who drives your service management framework, oversees the continuous performance tuning for your databases, and ensures cybersecurity best practices are being implemented.
Alvi Shah
Technical Lead, Database
Jeff Campbell
Senior Database Administrator
Rohit Kumar
Associate Director of Database Managed Services

Always-on coverage.

Availability, performance, & cybersecurity monitoring

Root-cause analysis

Corrective actions

Planning and testing of backups & disaster recovery

Real-time replication

Capacity planning

Daily health checks

Trend reporting & analysis

Proactive optimization.

Configuration & change management


Performance tuning

Updates & patching

Migrations (including public cloud)

Best practices configuration review

Security audits

Deep technical expertise.

Our team’s deep expertise across a range of technologies means you gain confidence that your database management process is customized to delivery maximum cost efficiency, system availability, and optimal performance.

Unlimited, proactive coverage.
Led by elite database administrators.

Save time.
Instant access to our deep bench of database administrators means your ramp time to adoption of new technologies is significantly reduced, improving ROI and time to transition.


Save money.
It would take a minimum of 7 in-house DBAs to achieve true 24x7x365 coverage. Our per-database cost model is significantly less, with the stability and reliability that comes with a service.

Improve security.
We identify and review configuration changes, detect unexpected transactions, and remediate known vulnerabilities in your environment—making you look smart for selecting a partner who knows how to protect your infrastructure.


Increase transparency.
Our proprietary database platform provides as much or as little visibility into your environment as you prefer, giving you access to real-time performance dashboards and proactive trending led by machine learning.

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