Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of programs that support the modern workplace. The benefits of Microsoft Office for business productivity are endless. Learn how Office 365 can elevate your team below.


One reason Microsoft Office efficiency is high is because of its availability. You can use Office 365 on desktops, tablets, smartphones, and laptops, allowing you to work no matter where you are. Plus, documents sync across devices, so you can start a project on your tablet and continue it on your desktop.

Improved communication

Microsoft Office supports effective communication, further driving productivity. Sharing information in Office 365 saves time because everyone is on the same page from the start of a project. For example, Teams can host the files and conferences for a project, and Outlook can schedule meetings.


Office 365 provides many collaborative features that encourage teamwork. You can edit documents simultaneously with SharePoint, chat about projects on Skype, and engage with your coworkers on Yammer.


Frequent updates

Some technology is outdated quickly, but not Office 365. You can download the newest version of the applications for free as soon as they’re available. You’ll always be up-to-date with the latest features.

Lots of storage

Microsoft’s efficiency is excellent partly due to the generous storage in Office 365. Mailbox storage is 50 gigabytes (GB), and personal file storage is one terabyte (TB). You’ll have more than enough room to store videos, photos, documents, presentations, and other files.

Supports remote working

Microsoft Office also supports employees working from the office and home. Office 365 is portable, so users can collaborate from anywhere. Plus, mobile device management secures your devices, apps, and data.

Keeps information readily available

SharePoint acts as a central hub for file management. With files uploaded to the SharePoint or the OneDrive cloud, collaborators can easily find the latest version of the documents without any confusing duplicates.

Automates routine functions

The artificial intelligence (AI) options within Microsoft Office take care of routine functions so users can focus on more important tasks. For example, you can populate datasets in Excel and choose an automatically generated design idea in PowerPoint to save time.

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Agio offers IT support for Office 365

Companies that use Microsoft 365 can improve productivity, minimize security risks, and save money on automation, IT costs, and vendor spending. Agio will help your company gain these benefits with Office 365 end-user support. Learn more about how we can support your IT team — contact us today.

Agio offers IT support for Office 365