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Have I Been Breached? A Step-by-Step Guide for Investment Management COOs to help Identify, Respond to, and Recover from a Cyber Breach

If our firm has fallen victim to a cybersecurity breach or incidentapid, a rapid response is critical. Here are the key steps to identifying whether or not your firm has been breached, and how to begin the recovery process if so.

International Cybersecurity Best Practices

International travelers are exposed to various cybersecurity risks, from unsecured wireless networks and publicly accessible computers to physical device theft. With so many factors in play, cybersecurity for international travelers is critical. Information Security — Best Practices, Standards, and Guidelines Here are some cybersecurity best practices every international traveler should follow.

XDR vs. MDR vs. EDR: What’s the Difference?

XDR, MDR, and EDR are cybersecurity solutions providing businesses with advanced threat detection, response capabilities, and analytics. Explore the differences in their overall designs and features. What is XDR?

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Cybersecurity

Discover the basics of cybersecurity with these 10 need-to-know tips! 1. Use Strong Passwords Using complex passwords makes it tougher for cybercriminals to access accounts.

7 Things Registered Advisors Can Do Now to Prepare for the SEC’s Cyber Risk Management Rules

Are you ready to go through your first SEC examination under the new regulations? Here are 7 things your firm can do now to ensure you’ll be ready when the SEC’s cybersecurity rules hit.

Secure Alternatives to Single-Factor Authentication and Password Managers

Single-factor authentication is a method of signing in that matches one factor, usually a password, to a username to gain access to a website or network. Password and username combinations have been used for decades, and they remain the most common verification tool today. Despite its commonality, you should not use single-factor authentication to secure

How to Unlock Protected Excel Sheets Without a Password

What if you want to edit a protected sheet of your Microsoft Excel workbook but have forgotten your password? The zip file method unlocks your protected Excel sheet, no password is needed. Follow these steps.

2023 Cybersecurity Trends Report: Hedge Funds Outsource to Fight Surge in Cyberattacks

Hedge funds are feeling the impact of the evolving cyber landscape. Learn how 121 hedge fund professionals are staying ahead of ever-growing threats with Agio’s 2023 Hedge Fund Cybersecurity Trends Report.

Strengthen Your Private Equity Investments with Agio’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Learn more about how our Portfolio Company Risk Management, Cyber Governance, and Incident Response services play a critica role in protecting your fund’s’ growth and guarding your firm’s reputation.

SEC Disclosure Rule for Public Companies: Unpacking the “Reportable Material Incident”

In a move to standardize and amplify cybersecurity risk disclosures, the SEC has adopted a final rule for public companies under its reporting mandate.

A Guide for Alternative Investment COOs: What’s the Difference Between Managed IT, Cybersecurity Operations, and Cyber Governance?

Understand the connection between a COO and the principles of managed IT, cybersecurity, and cyber governance, and how the intersection of these services provides the strongest infrastructure.

Penetration Testing Process

As attackers become more sophisticated in their methods and strategies, your company must develop robust cybersecurity strategies to protect your data, clients, and reputation. Penetration testing is a valuable tool to help your business take a proactive stance against attacks and mitigate risks. What is penetration testing?