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How to Choose a Cybersecurity Framework

Adopting a cybersecurity framework is essential for building a robust security system. Learn more about control, program, and risk frameworks in this blog post.

Cybersecurity Risks for Hedge Funds

As the cybersecurity landscape becomes more complex, Hedge fund managers need to think about how they can protect their assets from cyber threats.

Details on the Kaseya Ransomware Cyberattack

The Kaseya attack of July 2021 was the largest ransomware attack ever. Here’s a walkthrough of the main events.

Security Checklist: Are You Conducting Vendor Due Diligence Ahead of the SEC’s New Cybersecurity Rules?

No vendor relationship is without risk. Use this cybersecurity checklist to ensure your vendors meet both your firm’s and the SEC’s latest security standards.

Guide to Business Continuity Planning for Investment Firms

Want to learn about business continuity planning for investors? Our financial services cybersecurity experts have a custom checklist.

Why iPhone Lockdown Mode Is a Must for C-Suite Cyber Risk Management

Apple is releasing a new feature called ‘Lockdown Mode,’ an optional but extreme protection setting that defends against targeted state-sponsored attacks.

A Tale of Two Cyber Vulnerabilities: Why It Makes Sense to Consolidate Managed IT and Security Operations

When you have separate managed IT and extended detection & response providers, you’re in a potentially vulnerable position.

The Importance of Tabletop Exercises

Sometimes a cybersecurity emergency can feel like a battleground — and nobody wants to enter a war zone without a game plan. Learn more about preparing for cybersecurity tabletop exercises with our experts.

Cybersecurity Checklist for Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms are top targets for sophisticated cyberattacks. Despite this risk, private equity cybersecurity regulations tend to be less robust than they should be.

Cybersecurity Risks for Investment Banks

Digitalization has led to increased cybersecurity risks for investment banks. Learn more about why cybersecurity is essential and how to avoid the top threats.

7 Cybersecurity Risks for Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms face several cybersecurity risks. Without adequate cybersecurity measures, your data may face threats and breaches from the following nine risks.

Vulnerability Scanning vs. Penetration Testing

Knowing the differences between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing can help you determine which process best fits your organization.