As a technology leader in investment management, your main aim is to lead your team to excellence by devising and executing a top-tier, long-term technology strategy. In your efforts to uphold your firm’s IT prowess, you may have contemplated leveraging the expertise of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to tackle complex or resource-intensive tasks. With the right provider, this strategic move has the potential to free up your in-house team, empowering them to concentrate on initiatives that drive meaningful progress for your firm. 

However, you may understandably hesitate to disrupt your established workflow by introducing an additional team into the mix. While your concerns are valid, it’s crucial to understand that finding the right balance between an MSP and your internal teams is achievable when done right. 

Continue reading as we shed light on the pivotal role that MSPs, such as Agio, play in assisting you in achieving your overarching technology objectives. 

Overcoming Doubts 

Naturally, you might question the viability of integrating your in-house IT with an MSP. You’re likely wondering how co-management between your internal IT team and an MSP will work out. Moreover, you might even have worries like overlapping tasks, communication problems, expenses, or possible competition.  

Plus, you’re rightfully protective of the hard work you’ve put into building a robust IT infrastructure and cybersecurity framework, and don’t want – or need – an MSP to come in, get in the way, or even take credit for that hard work. Put simply, you just want the right tools and people in place to get what you want done, when you want it done. 

These concerns can be addressed by acknowledging the unique strengths of your in-house IT team, clearly outlining everyone’s roles, and undergoing careful MSP evaluation to ensure the provider you choose can help foster a cooperative relationship with your team. The result? A more effective, adaptable, and skilled IT powerhouse for your firm. 

Let’s dive a little deeper, addressing the questions that may be on your mind. 

How can my internal IT team and an MSP work together successfully? 

Identify the strengths of your internal IT team and evaluate tasks based on complexity, time consumption, and impact on productivity. By doing so, you can effectively match your in-house team with an MSP, leading to successful outcomes. 

Here’s where your in-house IT team comes in:  

  1. They Know Your Firm: Your in-house IT team has valuable insights into each sub-department’s needs and potential risks. This unique perspective allows them to tailor technical solutions to align with your firm’s goals and develop effective strategies to mitigate vulnerabilities. 
  2. Quick On-Site Response: Your internal IT team provides rapid on-site response, crucial for addressing urgent hardware issues and critical problems promptly. With in-house personnel promptly addressing issues face-to-face, downtime and disruptions are significantly minimized, leading to enhanced productivity and improved financial performance. 
  3. Personalized User Support and Onboarding: Over time, your internal IT team develops relationships with other teams within your firm, understanding each person’s tech proficiency, recurring issues, and departmental needs. This enables tailored onboarding and training and fosters a supportive environment, encouraging employees to seek assistance comfortably. 
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Here’s where an MSP comes in: 

  1. Extensive Knowledge: As an MSP having worked with clients across diverse industries and sizes, we’ve seen it all. This broad experience grants us a comprehensive understanding of various technical challenges, enabling us to swiftly deliver tailored solutions to meet your needs. 
  2. Staying Current with Technology Trends: MSPs usually have partnerships with major tech companies and are constantly in the know when it comes to the latest trends. As a Microsoft Partner, for example, we provide M365 configured to high security standards and in line with industry best practices based on our automation and expert knowledge. Plus, you get 24/7 technical support and faster response times, freeing up your internal IT team to focus on supporting your staff effectively. 
  3. Scalability: When you partner with an MSP, you get IT support that’s as flexible as you need it to be. We handle everything from the daily grind to big projects, making sure issues are sorted quickly and projects keep rolling smoothly. That means less stress on your internal IT team and maybe even a chance for them to take that well-deserved vacation! 

Long story short, let your IT team handle what they know best – your people, infrastructure, processes, and your firm. And when your in-house IT team needs IT support, rely on an MSP like us to take the more time-consuming tasks off their hands. 

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What’s the right mix of MSP services to leverage with my existing team? 

With MSP co-management, you have the flexibility to customize your IT support according to your precise requirements. This entails delegating specific IT functions to the MSP while retaining oversight of essential operations internally. Whether it’s network monitoring, infrastructure management, cybersecurity, or compliance, selecting the appropriate mix of services facilitates seamless collaboration and enhances overall performance. 

Consider the strengths of your internal IT team and the MSPs you evaluate and identify what makes sense for your firm. Here are some services we commonly see our clients pairing with their in-house teams: 

  • Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, and Security Filters: We offer close collaboration with your in-house team to develop and uphold resilient disaster recovery plans, enforce data protection measures, and configure security filters to meet essential security requirements. This partnership can either address cybersecurity gaps, allowing your team to concentrate solely on IT responsibilities, or provide reassurance to you that these crucial aspects are expertly managed.  
  • Flexible Cloud Solutions and On-Site End-User Support: Agio provides specialized knowledge in deploying and overseeing cloud solutions customized to your firm’s requirements. We can collaborate closely with your internal team or manage the process independently, freeing them to concentrate on other vital initiatives. Additionally, Agio offers on-site end-user support to enhance your internal team’s ability to handle user issues efficiently, particularly during times of expansion and change.  
  • Collaboration to Fill Urgent Knowledge and Resource Gaps: In situations where your internal team faces urgent knowledge or resource gaps, Agio provides immediate support and expertise to fill these gaps. Through close collaboration, we share insights, best practices, and technical knowledge to address critical issues and ensure continuity of operations.  
  • Assistance in Setting Up Virtual Desktops and Group Policies: Agio assists your internal team in setting up virtual desktops and configuring group policies to enable reliable remote access for employees. Through collaboration, your internal team provides input on user requirements and preferences, while Agio leverages its expertise to design and implement solutions effectively meeting these needs.  
  • Handling End-user Support Requests and Troubleshooting Complex Issues: Agio takes on the responsibility of handling end-user support requests and troubleshooting complex IT issues, allowing your internal team to focus on higher-priority tasks and strategic projects. By working together, your internal team provides background information and context to help Agio resolve issues efficiently and minimize disruptions.  
  • Internal Team Member Education: Agio provides training and educational resources to enhance the skills and capabilities of your internal team members. Through close collaboration, we identify areas for skill development and tailor training programs to address specific needs and challenges within your organization.  
  • Optimization of Infrastructure Based on Best Practices: Leveraging industry expertise, Agio evaluates your organization’s IT infrastructure and recommends optimizations based on best practices and industry standards. Working in tandem with your internal team, Agio implements these optimizations aligning with your organization’s goals and objectives.  
  • Strategic Vision and Comprehensive Solutions: Agio offers strategic guidance and comprehensive solutions to promote growth and optimize costs. Through collaboration with your internal team, we develop long-term IT strategies supporting your objectives and delivering measurable results. By leveraging Agio’s expertise, your internal team can focus on high-value initiatives and strategic projects, confident in the support and expertise provided by their MSP partner. 
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managing your it and cybersecurity services has never been this easy

Unlock the Full Potential of Your IT Operations 

We understand that not every MSP gets it right; they can make mistakes. However, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and strive to deliver exceptional service without errors. As a leading MSP specialized in Managed IT and Cybersecurity services, Agio offers the perfect blend of expertise and support for investment management firms. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by the financial industry, Agio provides tailored solutions designed to meet your specific requirements. 

By partnering with Agio with your internal teams can focus on strategic initiatives and core business objectives. With Agio handling routine IT tasks and cybersecurity operations, internal IT teams can devote their time and resources to driving innovation and growth. 

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your IT infrastructure—contact us today and embrace co-management to unlock the full potential of your firm’s technology capabilities.