The cloud has revolutionized the way small, medium, and even large businesses outsource business functions — and the IT world will never be the same.

Any business can now outsource its day-to-day IT operations and back-end infrastructure to a managed service provider (MSP). An MSP uses cloud technology to manage servers, networks, and unique applications for clients. Since the MSP can help multiple companies with the same setup, it costs less to hire them than to build your own infrastructure.

Let’s take a bird’s-eye view of how partnering with an MSP can benefit your business so you can make the best choices for your IT department.

What Are the Functions of an MSP?

An MSP is a solution to almost any IT need. The most popular types of services that managed service providers offer include:

  • Managing back-end infrastructure
  • Offering technical support
  • Hardening cybersecurity
  • Managing hardware outsourcing
  • Managing user access accounts
  • Performing scheduled maintenance
  • Managing billing
  • Monitoring networks

Benefits of an MSP

Cost-cutting is only one of the many benefits of an MSP. Managed service provider staffing is another notable advantage, since a small company can hire a large, reliable, and experienced on-call IT team at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, several key perks of MSPs can help boost your business:

  • Disaster relief: The MSP can cover operations for a disaster on your premises and use data backup management to prevent data loss.
  • Money savings: The MSP lowers competition for IT experts and makes workers from low-wage locations available to companies with high costs in different regions.
  • Scalability: Companies can scale one step at a time with an MSP. This process also allows businesses to temporarily add more resources if an emergency occurs.
  • Industrial action: An MSP can protect company data and cyber-threats during a strike because their IT staff are not all in-house.
  • Staffing: A legally binding contract guarantees what level of IT support you receive, and MSP staff can fill in for an in-house IT staff shortage.

Find Your Customizable Managed Service Provider Solution

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