Ten years ago today, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to turn an idea into a strategy, coupled with a culture, which resulted in Agio.


With an established culture, more than 275 employees and over 300 clients, Agio is focused on our vision to deliver the most secure and reliable information systems to the world’s most prestigious entities. We live this vision every day through the hard work, dedication and commitment of our employees, who care deeply about the impact they have on our clients’ lives.


Agio’s journey has been one of “add, tweak, delete,” a phrase we often use internally. It has been an evolutionary experience filled with missteps, disappointments, and growing pains. It has also been a story of progress, triumph, and inspiration. And so, it is with the deepest sense of gratitude I thank you for standing by us with constructive support as we’ve embraced our guiding principle of making today better than yesterday.


Since our founding, we have leveraged this #BeBetter philosophy to grow tremendously across many different benchmarks—some quantifiable and tangible, others more ethereal. In 2013, Agio changed the game with our purchase of Secure Enterprise Computing, a cybersecurity services and consulting company, effectively merging IT and cybersecurity under one roof in preparation for the increasingly critical cybersecurity threat and regulatory landscape. In 2019, we also acquired Intersection’s Enterprise Services unit to mature our public cloud expertise in response to the market’s growing appetite for the public over private cloud.


This progressive service portfolio and Agio’s market adaptability is driven by who we are and how we’ve done business over the last ten years. Our identity is a workplace which prioritizes employee engagement, client loyalty, and business growth through the lens of culture. In fact, one of the most critical moments in Agio’s history was the creation and publication of our first Culture Book, which has acted as the lifeblood of this firm, evolving over time as we’ve matured. With the sixth edition of the Agio Culture Book in the works, one constant has remained and that is our commitment to our core value of speak up. Often used as #SpeakUp internally to drive candid conversations and offer praise, it is this value that encourages our people to say what needs to be said so we may once again embody Agio’s be better than yesterday ethos.

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In addition to Agio’s culture, when I look back over this past decade, I am most proud of the individuals who have grown in their careers here. The names and stories of so many who have evolved both personally and professionally at Agio are a reminder we are not just building a company, we are building livelihoods; we are building experiences; and most importantly, we are building relationships which will far outlast today.


I am excited for the future, to embrace new challenges as Agio realizes its potential to become a next-generation Managed Services Provider focused on delivering resiliency to our clients through secure and reliable services. We’ve accomplished a tremendous amount together over the last ten years, and I look forward to where the next ten will take us. Thank you for your partnership – we couldn’t have made it here without you.


Cheers to us and the community we continue to build!