A Guide for Alternative Investment COOs: What’s the Difference Between Managed IT, Cybersecurity Operations, and Cyber Governance?

Understand the connection between a COO and the principles of managed IT, cybersecurity, and cyber governance, and how the intersection of these services provides the strongest infrastructure.

SEC’s Final Rule for Public Companies on Cybersecurity Risk Management, Strategy, Governance, and Incident Disclosure

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally adopted a rule emphasizing cybersecurity risk management and incident disclosures for public companies. Learn what this new rule means for your firm now.

Penetration Testing Process

As attackers become more sophisticated in their methods and strategies, your company must develop robust cybersecurity strategies to protect your data, clients, and reputation. Penetration testing is a valuable tool to help your business take a proactive stance against attacks and mitigate risks. What is penetration testing?

What is a Zero-Day Exploit?

A zero-day exploit is when a hacker takes advantage of a security vulnerability and exposes it to the public before developers have time to patch it. In other words, there are “zero days” to fix the vulnerability because a hacker has already exploited it and caused damage. Learn more about these exploits, which companies have

Threads Has Arrived. Here’s What You Need to Know.

It’s important to stay informed about emerging digital platforms that could potentially impact your employees’ productivity, as well as the security and privacy of your organization’s data.

Cybersecurity Risks of 5G Networks

5G offers countless benefits, from lightning-fast speeds to astounding interconnectivity. However, with the many advantages 5G can bring your business, it also poses a few risks to your firm’s cybersecurity. Learn more about the threats 5G networks face and how to implement standards that protect your data and critical infrastructure.

Learning from T-Mobile’s Cybersecurity Mistakes

As one of the largest carrier cybersecurity breaches on record, T-Mobile’s August 2021 breach offers many valuable lessons on the importance of enterprise cybersecurity. The T-Mobile breach In the summer of 2021, a young adult named John Binns had been scanning T-Mobile’s internet addresses for weak spots when he discovered an unprotected router exposed to

Modernize Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Better…Everything

Learn how Agio created a tailored solution for a firm’s outdated Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment, turning their outdated hardware into faster connections, improved application performance, and enhanced user experience.

Microsoft Azure Basics: What the Platform Can Do for You

The cloud offers many opportunities for businesses to maximize growth, flexibility, and innovation. As one of the best cloud systems for businesses, Microsoft Azure will provide the services and tools you need to enjoy all the benefits of the cloud. What is Microsoft Azure?

What Types of Devices are Hackable?

As homes and businesses incorporate more smart devices into daily life, they become increasingly susceptible to cybersecurity threats. Learn what devices are most vulnerable to attacks and how to defend yourself or your business below. Devices at Risk of Being Hacked Any device that connects to the internet is vulnerable to hackers.