A zero-day exploit is when a hacker takes advantage of a security vulnerability and exposes it to the public before developers have time to patch it. In other words, there are “zero days” to fix the vulnerability because a hacker has already exploited it and caused damage.

Learn more about these exploits, which companies have experienced famous attacks, and how your company can reduce vulnerabilities below.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities, Exploits, and Attacks

Zero-day vulnerabilities are issues that developers don’t know about yet. Vulnerabilities range from unencrypted data, all the way to weak passwords. While some may be simple to fix, developers usually don’t have a patch or update ready when the vulnerability is exploited and made public.

When hackers spot vulnerabilities, they can write and implement exploit code. Many may also use malware in their attack. Zero-day attacks are discovered when users experience identity or information theft. Once developers catch the exploit and create a patch, the attack is no longer known as zero-day.

Famous Zero-Day Attacks

Companies across industries have experienced zero-day attacks. A few of the most famous incidents include:

  • Google Chrome: In 2021, Google Chrome experienced several zero-day attacks due to a JavaScript bug.
  • Zoom: Hackers took advantage of a vulnerability on the platform in 2020 that let them take control over PCs.
  • Microsoft Windows: Eastern European government agencies experienced exploitations in 2019 that installed suspicious apps, changed data, and compromised programs.
  • Marriott International: As early as 2014 and until 2018, hackers accessed personal information from 500 million guests, including encrypted payment card numbers.
  • Sony: Hackers accessed Sony’s network in 2014 and started releasing sensitive information like email communications, business plans and deals, and copies of soon-to-be-released movies.

How to Defend Against a Zero-Day Attack

One of the best ways to protect your company against zero-day attacks is to be educated about threats and prepared to mitigate risks. A few ways to fortify your defenses include:

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