IT Governance is a broad term encompassing the entire IT framework system implemented in a firm. But when most of us hear the word “governance” we roll our eyes and immediately tune out. Why? Because it’s boring, and no one cares.

You don’t brag about getting enough sleep, eating healthy or going to the gym every day, right? But you do feel like a superhero when all of those healthy habits result in better performance at work, healthier relationships, and ultimately a better quality of life.

This is exactly what IT governance is – it’s the healthy habits that when performed diligently, eventually lead to a better quality of life for your infrastructure.  And top CTOs know that a better-quality infrastructure eventually leads to a better-quality career (for them).


So, what are those healthy habits for IT governance?

Creating healthy IT governance habits for our clients is something Agio takes very seriously. In fact, we manage over 100 activities annually on behalf of our clients as a part of our comprehensive framework.  Here’s a preview into what that looks like:


We conduct fundamental and core functions on a monthly basis, including:

  • Backup and restore testing
  • Windows patch management
  • Anti-virus updates
  • Device inventory updates
  • Network vulnerability scans
  • Service quality reviews



Every 3 months, we conduct assessments to keep our client environments streamlined and clean. These include:

  • Identifying inactive systems
  • Assessing login failures by computer



Every six months, we:

  • Update GPO/AD policies
  • Reset Admin passwords
  • Update DNS conflicts
  • Update VIP users
  • Review outbound security configurations
  • Conduct a baseline infrastructure assessment
  • Conduct a cybersecurity seminar
  • Collect our client’s sentiment at the relationship level



Finally, our yearly IT governance activities include:

  • Updating key policies and procedures
  • Performing infrastructure warranty lookup
  • Disaster recovery testing and documentation


We perform all of this for our clients because we know these healthy habits set our clients up for success. With a healthy foundation in place, our CTO clients have a launching pad to achieve their revenue-driving objectives.

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How top CTOs manage healthy IT governance

The leading CTOs we meet will get it; they understand rampant advancements in technology and growing cybersecurity threat vectors mean they’re having to do more to keep their infrastructure stable, reliable and safe. This, in addition to the rising pressure from investors and stakeholders to preserve and protect confidential data mean the stakes are even higher.

When healthy habits become a full-time job in order to keep your environment truly resilient, CTOs understand the financial and operational benefits to outsourcing. This is where we can help. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today.

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