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What is the best database for a hedge fund?

The best database for a hedge fund prioritizes scalability, performance, and security. As a hedge fund grows, its data needs will also increase. The database you choose should be able to grow with the fund and promote smooth operations.

SEC Fines R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. Over $2 Million for Cybersecurity-Related Violations

The SEC announced on June 18, 2024, that R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co (RRD), a global provider of marketing and business communication services, agreed to pay $2,125,000 USD to settle charges of disclosure and internal control failure related to a ransomware attack in November 2021.

The Risks of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks and How to Stay Protected

If you’re using an unsecured network without proper measures in place, someone close by can hijack your device without you even knowing it—and that could cost millions. Don’t leave your firm vulnerable. Contact Agio today.

Safeguard Your Firm’s Security and Compliance with Agio Foundations

Introducing Agio Foundations – a revolutionary feature transforming how financial firms approach IT management and cybersecurity. Embedded within Agio’s suite of services, it offers unparalleled value to firms like yours.

Are You Using The Same Three Passwords From Five Years Ago?

Using weak or reused passwords can make it easier for hackers to guess your passwords. Reduce your risk by using a password manager to track and generate strong, unique passwords.

If You’re Thinking “A Cyber Attack Won’t Happen to Me,” Think Again

Cyber-attacks are no laughing matter, and they target everyone, regardless of the size or scope of your firm. Read on as we discuss the dangerous misconception that size somehow acts as a shield against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity 2024 Predictions for Investment Management Firms

As we reflect on the cybersecurity landscape of 2023 and anticipate the challenges awaiting in 2024, Agio, as a leader in Managed IT and Cybersecurity services, ensures that financial services C-Suite executives and investment managers stay well-informed and prepared.

Financial Services CTOs IT & Cyber Perspective for 2024

Explore the challenges faced by financial services CTOs, from escalating cyber threats to AI integration. Agio’s insights unveil strategies to navigate these issues, fortifying organizations against evolving risks.

Turning Challenges into Change: Financial Services COOs 2024 Outlook

As financial services COOs face a 74 percent increase in cyber attacks, a critical need for improved cybersecurity emerges. Agio’s Hedge Fund survey series delves into COOs’ challenges, revealing strategic shifts like outsourcing and consolidating cybersecurity and managed IT.

Turning Challenges into Change: Hedge Fund CFOs’ Agenda for 2024

From outsourcing expertise to consolidating services and exploring the value of AI, uncover valuable insights of optimizing system performance, enhance security, and maximize financial ROI for hedge fund CFOs.

Ransomware Prevention, Simplified

With the right policies and processes in place, you can significantly minimize your organization’s likelihood of falling victim to ransomware.  

Guide to Identify, Respond to & Recover from a Cyber Breach

If your firm has fallen victim to a cybersecurity breach or incidentapid, a rapid response is critical. Here are the key steps to identifying whether or not your firm has been breached, and how to begin the recovery process if so.