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The Quest for Better IT and Cybersecurity: AI + Human Brilliance from Agio

By augmenting human brilliance with predictive intelligence, Agio delivers secure, fast, reliable, integrated IT and cybersecurity support.


How to Choose the Right Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Choosing an MSP takes time. Learn how to find the best match for your firm.


5 Technology Predictions from a CTO

A few things an expert CTO is seeing right now, and what they think firms will be moving toward over the next year.

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Tips for MSPs to bridge the cybersecurity talent gap

"We're taking it upon ourselves to narrow the cybersecurity talent gap by offering training and certification opportunities for our employees," said CEO Bart McDonough.

Meeting cyber-risks from third parties head on

Kirk Samuels, Executive Director of Cybersecurity, explains how firms can protect themselves from third-party risks in this keynote interview with Private Funds CFO.

Agio Named Most Innovative Technology Firm and Best IT Managed Service by HFM Technology

"This achievement is a nod to Agio's vision and represents our evolution over the past decade," said Bart McDonough, Agio's Founder and CEO.

Agio Appoints May Yoon as Company’s First Chief People Officer

Ms. Yoon is responsible for the perpetuation of the firm's culture and core values across its global staff.

How Covid-19 has changed the role of the CTO

Miten Marvania, Agio Chief Operation Officer, explains how the role of the CTO has changed amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bart McDonough Provides Valuable Lessons On Managed IT And Cybersecurity

CEO Bart McDonough joins an episode of the Operational Leaders podcast to talk about managed IT and cybersecurity.

Tech lifts off in lockdown

Private Equity International features Kirk Samuels, Agio Executive Director of Cybersecurity, with his commentary on how private equity firms can protect their data in response to COVID-19.

Your Home Office Is a Hacker’s Paradise. Here’s Why.

“If your only defense is, ‘I'm going to teach my users what not to click on,’ you’re setting yourself up for disaster,” says CEO Bart McDonough.

How to understand DRaaS pricing and budgeting

TechTarget quotes Gina Yacone, Agio Cybersecurity Consultant, on the importance of developing a disaster recovery budget roadmap.

Disaster recovery experts and IT specialists offer 8 steps companies should take before reopening the office

COO Miten Marvania is quoted in Business Insider regarding precautions to take before employees come back into the office.

COVID-19 remote work forces shift on SecOps strategy

"There's tremendous exposure to data loss right now where tech leaders were under pressure from business leaders to get up and running, and bad actors know about it," said Miten Marvania.

Zeroing in on Zoom’s Threat to Financial Services

Traders Magazine features Ray Hillen, Managing Director of Cybersecurity, with his commentary on the tremendous cost to Zoom's convenience.
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