The cybersecurity landscape is shifting quickly and if you’re scrambling to stay ahead, you’re not alone. Organizations across all industries are facing an onslaught of new legislative and regulatory requirements planned for this year, as well as an uptick in emerging risks. 

Specifically, we’re referring to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) proposal of Rule 38a-2, President Biden’s Executive Order 14028, and increasingly sophisticated international cyber-threats. 

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For technology and business leaders, these changes mean regulators and investors are scrutinizing your organization’s cybersecurity more than ever before – and it’s critical to ensure your governance framework is buttoned up and vulnerability free.  

Add in the looming risk of dramatic increases in cyber insurance costs, and you have a recipe for a potentially turbulent year ahead. 

To help our clients stay prepared, Agio’s CEO and Founder, Bart McDonough, joined EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants’ Kelly Geary and Richard May at a recent event to discuss the steps organizations can take to manage risk and protect against spiking insurance premiums.

Watch the video to hear their thoughts on: 

  • New developments in the cyber-threat landscape 
  • Top areas to defend against bad actors 
  • Controls that are most predictive to a cyber incident from an insurance perspective 
  • How the insurance market has evolved 
  • How to minimize cyber-risk and the potential for insurance rate spikes


To learn more about our cybersecurity governance programs and detection & response services, contact us. We can help.  

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