Power Automate is a Microsoft tool that allows users to automate workflows between apps to save time. You can build your flow — a series of actions — in the program without writing any code. Power Automate has several capabilities to connect various applications and actions. Follow these steps to set up a flow for sending emails from an Excel worksheet:

1. Create a Table of Email Addresses in Your Excel Worksheet

Create a new Excel workbook in SharePoint, OneDrive, or Office 365 and save it with your custom document name. Type in email addresses, names, and other information your flow needs.

This flow must have the email addresses in table format to pull from when operating. Make a table by selecting the cells, then clicking on “Insert” and “Table.” Change the default “Table1” name to something recognizable, like “Emails.”

2. Log into Power Automate

Go to flow.microsoft.com and log in using your Microsoft account credentials or create a new account.

3. Set Up a Flow

Click on “Flows” in the left-hand column, then “New flow” at the top. Select “Manually trigger a flow” from the list of options. Click the blue “Create” button to start the flow. You can also add a trigger to tell the flow when to execute.

4. Get Email Address Data from Your Excel Worksheet

Click “New step,” then “Add an action.” Choose Excel as your connector and “Excel – Get rows” in the “Actions” section so the flow can identify the rows of email addresses. Find your Excel worksheet for the File name. For the Table name, find the table in the worksheet by the recognizable name you gave it earlier.

5. Connect the Flow to Your Email Account

Click “add an action” and select your email provider so the flow can happen through your email. Expect to provide your email address and password to authenticate the connection.

6. Save and Test the Flow

When all the inputs are complete, give the flow a name, such as “send emails from Excel sheet.” Save your flow with the “Save” icon in the right-hand corner. Ensure the flow works by doing a test run.

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