SharePoint for businesses is typically available online. Learn how to sync your SharePoint files to your computer using OneDrive so you can access your files from File Explorer.

What is OneDrive sync?

OneDrive sync manages the synchronization between your SharePoint document library and your OneDrive files. When online, OneDrive sync will sync the files between SharePoint Online and your computer. Syncing the files allows you to use File Explorer to access your SharePoint site libraries, even when you’re offline.

OneDrive and SharePoint sync and the “add shortcut to OneDrive” option are different. OneDrive sync manages synchronization between OneDrive and your computer. The shortcut creates a bookmark for the content in your OneDrive without syncing.

How to Sync OneDrive and SharePoint

Follow these steps to sync your SharePoint library to your computer:

  1. Sign in to your SharePoint site and open the library you want to sync.
  2. Click the Sync button, then “sync now.”
  3. The sync app will ask which library you want to sync. It should already have the address details of the library you chose.
  4. Click the “sync now” button to start the synchronization process.
  5. When the syncing is complete, sign in to your account.

Your files are now synced, and any future files will automatically sync too.

How to sync SharePoint document library with a local folder

Once you’ve followed the steps to sync OneDrive with SharePoint, you can see your synced library under the SharePoint folder in File Explorer. Whenever you make a change in your SharePoint library, your computer files change too, and vice versa.

The OneDrive sync process copies your files to your C:Drive, and these files are accessible through Files On-Demand. File Explorer shows you file and folder names, and when you click on a file, Files On-Demand will download it for access. On-demand access saves hard drive space. You can disable this feature in the Files On-Demand section of settings.

SharePoint OneDrive sync issues

If you’re experiencing problems with your SharePoint Online syncing, use these troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you can access SharePoint by logging in to your account and looking for the sync option in the document folder.
  • Download and install the latest version of OneDrive.
  • Stop syncing for the file location, then re-enable syncing.
  • Make sure your files are less than 15 gigabytes (GB), have a file path of fewer than 400 characters and include only supported characters and file types.

Note that a file path is the location of a file based on the many folders it’s nested under. You can view the file path under the file properties and determine if it’s less than 400 characters.

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