Color filters on the iPhone change the display’s standard colors to visually aid those who experience colorblindness or have difficulty reading text. One option is a grayscale filter, which renders the display in shades of gray.

One advantage of this mode is that it blocks the visual stimulus of color. The brain likes the colors on the screen, which can urge you to continue looking at the display and spend more time on your phone. Turning on the grayscale filter removes the positive reinforcement of color. It lessens the urge to look at your phone because the display is less visually appealing. As a result, grayscale mode can encourage you to spend less time on your phone.

Another benefit of grayscale is that it makes your iPhone look unique. The shades of gray are an interesting change from the bold and bright colors of social media, games, and other apps. You can turn on grayscale to give your iPhone a different look.

Follow these steps to turn on grayscale mode on your iPhone:

1. Open the Settings App

Tap the Settings app on your iPhone to access the grayscale setting.

2. Navigate to the Accessibility Menu

On the main Settings page, tap the menu for “Accessibility.” Its icon is blue with a person in a circle.

3. Tap on the Display & Text Size Menu

Under the “Vision” header, go to the “Display & Text Size” menu. The icon is blue with “AA” text.

4. Turn On Color Filters

Within the “Display & Text Size” menu is an option for “Color Filters.” Tap this menu, and turn the toggle to “on.”

5. Select the Grayscale Filter

Under the color filter toggle, you’ll see various color filter options. Tap “Grayscale,” and your iPhone’s display will automatically change to gray shades.

6. Set Up a Grayscale Mode Shortcut

If you don’t want your iPhone to have the grayscale filter at all times, you can create a shortcut for the setting. The shortcut lets you turn grayscale on and off without following the steps above. Do the following to set up a shortcut:

  1. Go to the “Accessibility” menu in the Settings app.
  2. Select “Accessibility shortcut.”
  3. Set up a color filter shortcut.

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