Office Scripts add automation to Excel worksheets in OneDrive, SharePoint, and the desktop version. This feature adds a button to your Excel sheet and runs a series of steps when you click on it.

Instead of doing tasks manually, you can create an Excel online button to run a script to improve your workflow and productivity. If you share the workbook in Microsoft Teams, everyone accessing the sheet can use the script button, too.

Learn how to add an automation button to Excel with these steps.

1. Open your Excel Workbook

Open the spreadsheet you want to add an Office Script to. You can add automation to one Excel workbook at a time, so repeat these steps for all the sheets you want a button for. Then, click on the cell where you want the button to appear.

2. Navigate to the “Automate” Menu

Go to the “Automate” tab in Microsoft Excel. This menu has the options and settings for existing scripts and scripts you have previously created.

3. Choose the Script You Want to Run

The “Automate” tab shows a list of the most recent scripts used and an “All Scripts” button for a list of the scripts. In the script list, select the option you want a button for. The “Code Editor” window will display the script name and a description of what it does. Click “All Scripts” to return to the list of options.

4. Select “More options”

Once you have chosen a script, see the “More options” menu (…).

5. Add a Button of the script

Under the menu of further options, choose “Add button.” An Office Script button with the default appearance settings will pop up in the selected cell.

6. Customize the Script Button

If you want to alter your button, right-click it to show the menu of editing options. You can choose a fill color, change the text from the script name, and more. Open the “Shape” tab to change the button’s shape. To adjust its size or move the placement, click and drag the button as you would with a text box.

7. Run Your Office Script in Excel

Left-click on the button, and a “Script Run Status” window will appear to show the script’s progress. The script will be completed in just a few seconds, and the window will say, “The [script name] script ran successfully.”

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