Ensuring Responsible Usage of ChatGPT: A Call to Action for all Financial Service Firms

Does your organization have a policy in place for using ChatGPT? We outline the benefits associated with this evolving technology and what your organization can do to safeguard against the risks.

Microsoft Excel April 2023 Update: 3 Key Takeaways for Investment Managers

Microsoft Excel’s latest updates introduce several new, key features that will help investment managers work more efficiently than ever. Check out all the new updates now.

How to Set Different Focus Home Screens in iOS Depending on the Time and Your Location

If you have iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 or later, you can use the Focus feature to help you concentrate and control notifications. Whether for work or sleep, you can create a Focus with a customized Home Screen that automatically turns on right when you need it. How to schedule a Focus You can customize

How to Hide Apps for iOS

Whether you want to clean up your Home Screen or hide certain apps, you can use various features on your Apple device to create organization and promote privacy. How to store apps in the App Library On iOS 14 and later, the App Library feature helps organize apps in groups, making them easier to find.

How to set an iPhone permanently on Do Not Disturb

Whether you need to concentrate on work or would like to relax in peace and quiet, the Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone or iPad can help. How to turn on Do Not Disturb To activate Do Not Disturb mode: Open Settings. Go to Focus.

How Open XDR Empowers CTOs with Automated Response

Automated response improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of cyber-threat response, strengthening the overall cybersecurity posture and reducing the impact of potential cyber incidents.

How to Block Certain Websites Using Your iPhone

Apple provides many content and privacy restrictions you can enable on your phone (or your child’s device) to block websites, hide apps, or restrict screen time use. How to block websites To control the type of web content you or your child can access on a device, follow these steps: Open Settings. Scroll to Screen

SharePoint vs. On-Premise File Servers: Making the Case for SharePoint in Hedge Funds with Fewer than 15 Users

Hedge funds are seeking efficient, cost-effective solutions to streamline their operations and collaboration. This article delves into the advantages of SharePoint over on-premise servers for hedge funds with fewer than 15 users. 

How to Turn Off Raise to Wake on iOS

Raise to Wake is a feature on Apple Watches, iPhone X, third-generation iPad Pro, and later iPhone and iPad versions. These devices don’t have the home button like previous iPhone and iPad versions, so the Raise to Wake feature improves phone accessibility by simply turning on whenever you lift your device. How to disable Raise

Lessons from Abused TLDs: Understanding the Potential Dangers of the .zip TLD

The landscape of the internet is continually evolving, and the latest threat is .zip top-level domain (TLD). We’ve seen the implications of this firsthand and want to provide some insights into the potential risks associated with this new TLD.

How to Check your Formulas with Value Preview ToolTips in Excel

ToolTips, also known as ScreenTips, is a valuable addition to any Excel project, providing helpful information about selected cells. Those using the latest version of Excel through a Microsoft 365 subscription can use Value Preview ToolTips to quickly view specific parts of a formula. How to turn on ToolTips To use Value Preview ToolTips, you’ll

Introducing Agio Sting: The Latest Addition to Our XDR Service

With the threat landscape expanding and remote work becoming the norm, more devices than ever are at risk. That’s why we adapted to the changing world with Agio Sting, a new way to to keep your organization safe, secure, and growing.