HIPAA Compliance Checklist

As more data transitions to digital formats, the risk of a potential breach increases. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance requirements handle administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for protected health information (PHI). A knowledgeable HIPAA compliance officer and sophisticated IT infrastructure can help you execute them seamlessly.

Look Ahead: Managed IT 2024 Predictions for Investment Management Firms

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, the ever-evolving landscape of technology demands our attention. In this in-depth overview, we seamlessly blend exclusive data with valuable industry reports to not only inform but meticulously prepare you for the dynamic technological journey that awaits in 2024.

Igniting Urgency: The $9,000 Per Minute IT Wake-Up Call for Investment Management Leaders

In the dynamic realm of investment management, system downtime exacts a profound toll, entailing substantial financial and reputational repercussions. Explore this critical issue where each minute of downtime inflicts a hefty cost of $9,000 on average, soaring to an astonishing $500,000 per hour.

How to Use Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Whiteboard app is a virtual whiteboard for drawing and writing on your computer. It is available as a separate app. Whiteboard is also built into Microsoft Teams for those with a Microsoft 365 Business Basic subscription or higher.

Common PCI Violations

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) keeps credit and debit card data secure when healthcare organizations accept, transmit, and store it. When this security is compromised, hackers can gain access to sensitive data. Though a PCI DSS violation is often unintentional, it can cause significant damage to your healthcare organization and its

Look Ahead: Cybersecurity 2024 Predictions for Investment Management Firms

As we reflect on the cybersecurity landscape of 2023 and anticipate the challenges awaiting in 2024, Agio, as a leader in Managed IT and Cybersecurity services, ensures that financial services C-Suite executives and investment managers stay well-informed and prepared.

How to Create Charts in Microsoft Excel

Whether you need to persuade consumers about a product or pitch your plan to a team of executives, Microsoft Excel is a powerful software solution that can help you visually convey complex information. Its charting capabilities allow you to present numerical data in a visual, easy-to-understand format. Learn how to build these valuable visual aids

How to Hold a Safe, Secure Telehealth Appointment

A telehealth appointment is a doctor’s visit or medical appointment that takes place over the Internet instead of in the office. The doctor and patient use devices with audio-video capabilities to communicate. Telehealth meetings allow patients to get the care they need more easily, and healthcare organizations that offer them can improve their workflows and

Debunking the Misconceptions of Consolidating IT and Cybersecurity Providers

As tech-savvy actors proliferate, the question arises: Split managed IT and cybersecurity needs or consolidate under one roof? While historical concerns exist, the focus is shifting to unified providers for a cohesive partnership, emphasizing the paramount need for aligning IT, cyber operations, and governance.

Anti-Phishing Protection for Microsoft 365

Phishing is a type of cyberattack through email, and it is the most common type of cyberattack. These emails appear legitimate from a trustworthy source, but the sender is actually trying to steal sensitive information. Microsoft 365 users can use some program features like Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to help prevent and identify phishing attacks.

Microsoft 365 vs. Google Workspace: Making the Right Choice for Your Firm

Explore the crucial choice between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for investment firms. Agio’s detailed comparison emphasizes Microsoft 365’s security, customization, and 24/7 support, aiding C-Suite decisions for enhanced operations and cybersecurity.

Turning Challenges into Change: Financial Services CTOs IT and Cyber Perspective for 2024

Explore the challenges faced by financial services CTOs, from escalating cyber threats to AI integration. Agio’s insights unveil strategies to navigate these issues, fortifying organizations against evolving risks.