The COO’s Guide to Business Continuity During COVID-19

Here are steps to help you organize, prioritize, and ask the right questions to modify your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to be airtight for the next business-impacting disaster.

Can Your MSP Handle COVID-19?

Your managed service provider (MSP) is one of the most important players on your team. Are they stepping up at this critical moment? If not, find a new one, fast.

Top 10 Sources for COVID-19 Cybersecurity Reporting

The best thing you can do is create a list of trusted sources. Here are some sources we recommend.

COVID-19: Malicious Domains, Malware & Phishing

Attackers were buying domains, building malicious websites, and creating phishing scams to steal information and shut down IT networks, including those at critical health facilities.

Healthcare’s Ransomware Exposure in the Time of COVID-19

Once impacted by ransomware, large hospitals to small physician practices struggle with issues such as if and how to pay a ransom, or how to maintain a safe patient environment with a critical system down.

Patch Management in the New COVID-19 Normal

Sending employees home to work remotely isn’t business as usual. Companies have had to act fast, and some things are inevitably getting lost in the shuffle.

7 Critical Focus Areas as You Move to a Work-From-Home Model

Things are moving fast, and that means we have to do the best we can with what we have while still ensuring data is secure.

The C-Suite’s Top IT Security COVID-19 Ripple Effects

Here are some of the larger and longer-term trends our Managed Detection & Response teams are seeing across our client base that should be on your radar.

What COVID-19 Means for the Cyber-Operations of Hedge Funds

As if managing potential exposure and health risks of COVID-19 aren’t enough, we’re also dealing with market volatility, economic uncertainty, and transitioning our workforces to remote work.

Weaponized Coronavirus Phishing & How to Protect Yourself

It was only a matter of time before bad actors began preying on people’s fear of the coronavirus pandemic—and that time is now.

Pros & Cons of Keeping Your Exchange Server with Office 365

Here are the top four reasons you may want to keep (or retire) your local Exchange server(s) after an Office 365 migration.