Importance of Client Feedback on Improving Service

We get approached from hedge funds and private equity firms about taking over their IT Support from another vendor. Almost always the reason for switching providers is the same – quality of service.

The Time We Hacked a Private Equity Firm…from Their Lobby

This test was part of the client’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment within Agio’s larger SEC Cybersecurity Readiness Program.

In Cybersecurity, Governance Trumps Technology

A strong cybersecurity program depends on governance to ensure broad participation, establish clear authority, and enable fully informed decision-making.

Forecasting in the Clouds

Just as weather anomalies have been dominating conversation at the dinner table, another type of cloud has emerged in the mainstream news at a record-setting pace: cloud computing.

Private Equity vs. Hedge Fund: Which Is Harder to Secure?

Do private equity firms pose a bigger cybersecurity challenge than hedge funds?

School, Security & SHR Solutions

Hackers target organizations that have access to personal health information (PHI), meaning educational and health care institutions have a bullseye on their backs.