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Choice, Control, Consistency: Agio Global Service Desk is Your Answer

The digital age moves fast. Are you mapping your IT process from beginning to end? Does your team understand how IT — including your Service Desk — fits with your overall business strategy? The smartest financial services firms are embracing and implementing evolving technologies to reshape their IT support portfolio and capitalizing on market trends — all while keeping their eye on customer service for their employees. That’s a tall order.

Let’s add to this the fact that IT departments and Service Desks are now center stage in our newly 100% work-from-home world. They’re shouldering the responsibility of updating and modernizing legacy systems, integrating externally developed software and applications into the workplace, and keeping their user community happy. This means there is a lot of firefighting, and with it, increased stress on your people, processes and technology. That’s where we come in.

Agio Global Service Desk is the evolution of the help desk — managing IT as a service. We help IT teams within hedge funds and private equity firms move beyond fixing day-to-day IT issues to acting as a critical enabler of your technology operations when things go wrong.

global service desk the help desk that actually helps 

Service Desk as Customer service

Because Service Desks are under the IT umbrella (focused on break-fix), most firms don’t perceive Service Desks as a service industry — but that’s precisely what they are. Service Desks, when done well, make the transition from problem solver to business enabler. The challenge is to deliver an outstanding user experience in an increasingly complex IT environment while supporting your firm’s overall strategy.

What does that look like, exactly?  It looks like empowering users to work effectively where, when, and how they need to. It means providing the right device and improving network and connectivity performance. It means preventing and mitigating IT errors around the clock and from anywhere—nights and weekends included. Pull this all together and it’s easy to see why internal IT teams, without additional support, easily lose sight of the user experience.

Agio Global Service Desk ensures user experience is at the forefront of all interactions. It’s a service-based IT ecosystem built around a service lifecycle that focuses on process and company strategy. We evaluate your current service strategy and ensure a plan is in place to modify and implement new and existing services as required, as well as ensure new services meet current and future needs—and can be introduced into a live environment without outages or gaps. Of course, we monitor, review, and analyze opportunities to improve all IT processes and functions.

Ultimately, we enrich our client’s experience by bringing choice, control, and consistency to user support services, reducing downtime, and enabling change.  The result is the simultaneous rise in customer satisfaction and the reputation of the IT department.


Service desk to make you look good

Agio’s expertise is in combining best-in-breed people, processes, and technology to create more predictable, repeatable IT support. Specifically, Agio Global Service Desk becomes the single point of contact between your user community and the IT Team. And because our Service Desk is ITIL-aligned, we review IT processes and functions with a big picture perspective. You can rest easy knowing we handle

On an average day, we respond to routine issues, isolate more complex issues, troubleshoot those issues with end-users, determine when to escalate tickets, and act as a liaison between end-users and higher-level support and infrastructure teams to resolve issues.

Agio Global Service Desk does the three things that are most important to you:

  1. Increase productivity. Our aim is always first-touch resolution. Employees return to work faster, which positively impacts your bottom line. Plus, your firm will have an increased capacity within IT that can be focused on strategic projects, translating to your Desktop and Tier 3 teams focusing on critical (core) business systems.
  2. Reduce cost. Advanced machine learning and big data technologies provide the capability to transform Service Desks into a proactive function that provides predictive, personal, and dynamic insight. In fact, it’s predicted that the use of AI technology could drive over a 50% reduction in the cost of IT services, enabling organizations to better utilize human talent for higher-level tasks that require creativity, curiosity, and innovation.
  3. Decrease risk. Agio’s Global Service Desk is supported by our proprietary repeatable processes, executed through the lens of ITIL and NIST-based cybersecurity best practices to maximize security, reliability, and resiliency.



Agio Global Service Desk provides an omnichannel service that allows employees to access IT support through their preferred channel, wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. We supplement your internal IT team’s increased workload, freeing you up to focus on bigger picture projects.

Customer service improves as we shift the employee experience of technology from reactive to proactive. Rather than waiting for users to flag issues, Agio Global Service Desk leverages cloud technology and advanced data analytics to identify and mitigate issues before they become widespread. Our knowledgebase and level of documentation arms our engineers with the information they need to deliver a personalized experience that reflects your employees’ roles and capabilities—especially when it comes to your VIPs.

Over time, the Agio Global Service Desk recognizes events that will lead to a failure, and we intervene before failure occurs.  Armed with this predictive insight, we tackle IT incidents in a non-invasive way—becoming almost invisible.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help transform the face and reputation of what the internal IT department means to your end users, contact us.  We’re here to make our clients look good — 24x7x365.


The digital age moves fast. The smartest financial services firms are embracing and implementing evolving technologies to reshape their IT support portfolio and capitalizing on market trends — all while keeping their eye on customer service for their employees.

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