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The C-Suite’s Top IT Security COVID-19 Ripple Effects

Here are some of the larger and longer-term trends our Managed Detection & Response teams are seeing across our client base that should be on your radar.

Managed Detection & Response for Hedge Funds

Have a plan for the unplanned. No cybersecurity apparatus is impenetrable, which means it’s essential for hedge funds to have robust strategies for detecting and responding to threats.

All Things Cybersecurity from the SEC OCIE for 2020

After reading between the lines against a backdrop of trends we see among our clients, here’s what you need to know.

What Does Your MDR Solution Really Do?

There are a ton of Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services out there, but breaking them down in plain English so you know what you’re really getting is a bit tougher.

SEC Warns of Fraudsters

The SEC issued a warning to the public concerning fraudsters, who are impersonating the SEC in an attempt to trick potential victims to steal both personal information and money.