Agio Phishing Protection

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Our service is a holistic, AI-driven solution to ensure your end users stay protected from the #1 threat – phishing.

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End users are your weakest link – we all know this. We also know email phishing is the #1 source of wire fraud, identity theft, and malware/ransomware delivery, which means email protection is the first line of defense. What do you have in place on your front lines? We partner with Inky’s next-generation Phish Fence technology, leveraging machine learning, behavior profiling, and advanced heuristics forgery detection to uncover even the most sophisticated deep-sea phishing attacks that both trained users and conventional email filters miss.


We deploy our service within hours, and then let it run for a two-week learning period in which the AI technology collects and analyzes data from your environment to ensure our solution is picking up only real threats to your organization.

Advanced Blocking

All incoming mail is automatically checked against over two dozen computer vision and text analysis models that “see” the message much like a person would — so even very convincing forgeries get blocked.

Anti-Spam & Malware

We offer anti-spam and malware protection against both spear phishing and brand forgery attacks, while HTML sanitization blocks XSS, JavaScript, CSS attacks, and the real-time analysis engine does not slow down mail delivery.

Quarantining + Reporting

Malicious mail is automatically quarantined, while questionable mail is delivered with a clear, prominent warning your users can understand. Our “Report Phish” link in the mail sends the message to Agio’s client support team for further analysis.

Once you’ve implemented Agio Phishing Protection, here’s what you’ll see when you receive a dangerous email.

If it’s the wrong classification or if you want to confirm accuracy, click the “Report This Email” link in the bottom right corner of the banner, which takes you to a web form where you can indicate whether the message is truly Safe, Spam, or Phishing. Your feedback improves future classifications, enabling us to provide the best cybersecurity protection possible.

We invested in offering a standalone phishing solution because of how dangerous and sophisticated phishing continues to be. Agio Phishing Protection offers the most cutting-edge technology that evolves with hackers and the threat landscape; plus it’s backed by our technical and security teams should any malicious emails need to be further escalated and remediated. Finally, our effortless implementation ensures you and your end users can continue business – and performance – as usual. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to tightening up the most unpredictable aspect of your cybersecurity posture – your people.

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