Jessica Golle

Chief Commercial Officer

Jessica Golle is Agio’s Chief Commercial Officer, bringing over 20 years of Sales experience to the table. Dubbed COE, Chief of Everything, by her colleagues, Jessica brings a fire and energy to her work that is contagious to those around her. Throughout her tenure, she has fostered tremendous client growth both deep and wide across the alternative investment sector. As a top influencer within the firm, Jessica not only serves as an impactful leader but, as a mentor to the go-to-market team, embodying Agio’s culture through and through.   Prior to joining Agio, she was the Director of the Alternative Investment Vertical at Nouriel Roubini’s RGE Monitor; Business Development Director at Gravitas Technology, where she doubled the company’s client base; and Business Development Manager at Reuters America. Jessica graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Marketing with a minor in Finance. 

Articles by Jessica Golle


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