What are technological exploits of Agio?

Outsourced IT Service Management for the Hedge Fund community. Services support on premise or hosted infrastructure and include technology disciplines encompassing Infrastructure Services, Service Desk, Application Services and Consulting Services.

Have Agio’s services brought any new word to the hedge fund industry?

Agio provides a complimentary portfolio of services that enable our clients to focus on their strategic IT investment while we bring scalability, efficiency and cost savings to their IT operation. Each Agio service is created around a custom SOW that is designed to help our clients meet their ever increasing IT needs on shrinking budgets.

We provide 24X7X365 support from its bench of 40+ engineers located in Norman, Ok and Hong Kong. This utilizes a follow the sun methodology ensuring you never have to wake up our support team. In a world of complexity we have simplified our pricing model to ensure our clients’ monthly IT support costs with Agio are directly connected to the growth or contraction of their business. By ensuring this alignment we are truly in partnership with our client.

What fee principles does Agio follow?

Agio services are priced on a monthly basis with clients agreeing to a 1-3 year support contract. Each service is SOW driven as each client’s requirements are specific to them. Our services have no startup costs, no time and materials billing.

What market changes do you see in the air of hedge fund administration?

I’d like to mention influence of mobile device management on the industry of hedge funds – the disruptive technology of an iPad and how that’s changing everything in particular securing data. HF data is increasingly outside of their walls now. Some mobile some cloud some email. Not security in traditional firewall type stuff but digital management!

Compliance requirements per recent regulation will continue to challenge the COO or CCO of many firms as auditors, investors and regulators layer heavier demands for transparency and accountability onto the hedge fund community.

How would you describe current regulatory climate? Is it severe or not?

We need to see how all this is going to play out. We can’t yet know the impact of the results of Enron until a few years after. The law set up guidelines by which the lawmakers can make rules. The actual rules have not yet been created so we really don’t know how this is going to play out.

Please draw the picture of Agio’s future?

To find clients who fit with what we do well. Mature and evolve our internal people and process services. Forward and strategic growth on client acquisition and rocking the core