Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Cybersecurity to protect your data, your people, and your reputation.


What you’ll get:

  • Dynamic machine learning to proactively monitor your environment 24x7x365 – so you’re never caught on your heels
  • A combination of upfront prep work, testing, and a hacker’s mindset to evaluate and practice your response to a breach
  • Sophisticated endpoint technology that hunts, investigates, and eradicates attacks before they damage your business
  • Machine learning and behavior profiling to uncover sophisticated phishing attacks that both trained users and typical email filters miss
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Maximized Efficiency

Minimize risk and meet compliance requirements within your existing cybersecurity program.

Expert Insights

We deliver proactive recommendations to ensure your environment is protected from threats.

Next-Gen Protection

We leverage next-gen tools and platforms to uncover sophisticated threats.

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& security
Penetration tests
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Years of security

Your 360° security strategy.

Automation for real-time threat response.

Open XDR leverages automation to improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of threat response, strengthening your overall cybersecurity posture and reducing the impact of potential cyber incidents.

A Security Operations Center that doesn't sleep.

Led by our world-class team of experts and powered by advanced root-cause analysis, our SOC delivers 24×7 event and problem management, unlimited support, and rapid troubleshooting for system alerts and outages. For clients, this means uninterrupted business continuity and peace of mind.

AI-driven malicious domain management.

Agio Shield puts up a force field around your environment, identifies new malicious domains set up by bad actors, and then uses AI to categorize the risk those domains pose to client organizations. As a result, it filters out the “noise” and frees our XDR agents to spend time on actionable threat investigation.

Detect and deflect malicious actors.

Agio Sting is a next-generation cybersecurity service built to detect and deflect active threats within your environment.

By deploying Honeypot tokens that mimic your system and network architecture, Agio Sting lures bad actors away from sensitive data and critical assets.

Agio Sting then sounds an alarm for our cyber analysts to isolate the threat before your people or firm can be compromised.

We had a seamless transition moving the staff to work from home, and I am so glad we made the change to Agio’s SkySuite solution. I 100% recommend this offering to any likeminded firm, and I am a big supporter of Agio’s model.

Chief Financial Officer
Long/short equity hedge fund
with $800 million in AUM

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