From Phishing to Fortified:

Agio Incident Response Rescues PortCo Value

A few months ago, your PortCo didn’t have any cybersecurity or incident response measures in place, but you had the foresight to recommend partnering with Agio. Good thing, because a new phishing incident could derail more than the PortCo’s reputation. 

The Challenge

A PortCo employee opened a trusted email, clicked and downloaded malware, entered credentials, and approved multi-factor authentication without realizing criminals were the ones receiving everything. Not good. 

The reputational and financial fallout could tank your exit strategy for this investment.  

The Solution

Within 15 minutes, you, your PortCo’s CTO, and Agio’s vCISO and cybersecurity leaders are strategizing incident response. Agio uncovers more compromised employees and works tirelessly alongside your staff to scope the breach and lock it down. Throughout the process, Agio’s director of cyber operations keeps communication open and steady to coordinate containment across teams. 

The Outcome

Thanks to Agio’s swift, comprehensive incident response, the phishing attack is fully contained before any more damage is done. They prescribe security improvements to prevent future incidents, and with Agio’s guidance, your PortCo’s technical team quickly implements these updates, significantly enhancing the company’s cybersecurity posture. Your PortCo is back on lockdown, and your IPO aspirations remain intact. 

The Takeaway

Agio’s cybersecurity expertise and proven incident response protocols empowered this PortCo to shut down the breach decisively and double down on security without compromising the PE’s exit plan. Their proactive partnership protected the PortCo and preserved the value the PE worked hard to build.  

The Agio Difference

Agio’s skilled cyber ops team, comprehensive incident response, and swift action help private equity firms like yours avert nightmare scenarios. Instead of reputational fallout and tanked financials, your PortCos and their value are safe and sound—and so is your exit strategy. 

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