A $4 Billion Hedge Fund Turns to Agio for Support Takeover

You’re a $4 billion hedge fund that’s been with the same well-known MSP for 15 years, but service quality is declining & they’re MIA.

Your high-performance tech is breaking, you don’t have support, projects are on hold, and they’re ignoring your calls. It’s time for a change, regardless of the history. So, you turn to Agio.

From Frustration to Fabulous

The Goal

The goal is to modernize your IT environment, create better support for your distributed workforce, and migrate your legacy OMS to the Azure cloud without breaking your investment team’s workflow. After doing research and talking to peers, it’s clear that Agio has the reputation for customizing solutions that transform IT landscapes.

The Challenge

After a forensic review to assess the overall health of your IT environment, Agio delivers the bad news: there are extensive regulatory and cybersecurity issues. The old provider invested no time in IT governance, leaving you swimming in technical debt and risk. Agio assures you they have your back.

The Outcome

Agio knew a break in end-user service wasn’t an option–your team has endured enough problems.

Agio fully managed the migration of your legacy OMS to Azure without disruption. In addition to upgraded security across all users, the disaster recovery system and licenses are renewed, and plans are in place to keep it that way. The IT governance you lacked? You have it now.

The Benefits

Agio provided security upgrades and processes, IT governance, a Remote Desktop protocol, and enhanced support for your hybrid work environments with a single Azure virtual desktop.

The Agio Difference

Switching providers can be daunting—you’re on the hook if something goes wrong. Agio’s technical assessment, subsequent remediation, and consistent communication give you the confidence to trust that we’ll make things better.

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Agio assures you they have your back.

When you need to ensure your IT environment is secure, supported, and audit-ready, contact Agio for a solution that works!

The Agio Vision

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