Your MSP’s #1 Checklist During COVID-19

Nimble. Adaptive. Personal.

Reviewing & Verifying PCI Policy for WFH Environments

Cybercriminals love a crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic is the equivalent of a crisis party where everyone is invited, and no one is checking IDs at the door.

To Patch or Not to Patch During COVID-19?

When everyone moved out of the office, the question of whether to patch or not to patch got a little hairy.

3-Step Blueprint to a Speedy Public Cloud Migration

Here’s a high level, 3-step blueprint for your engineers to ensure a migration to the public cloud is swift and successful.

How the Top CTOs Got Ahead with Desktop as a Service

COVID-19 put a worst-case scenario in play, and it showed all of us that every firm needs a reliable work-from-anywhere solution.

Telehealth & COVID-19: The New Reality

Given the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is allowing providers to use their discretion in setting up telehealth meetings with patients.

The #1 Health Check for CTOs in a WFH Era

Now that most organizations are fully operational from home, the question is, where are your bussiness’ cybersecurity holes?

Work from Home: 7 Things You Never Thought About

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it, well, a lot: Working from home is the new normal. Unfortunately, there’s more to the shift than just hardware and connectivity issues.