Just when you thought your SOC 2 Type 2, PCI RoC, or NIST certification was going to get your organization out of responding to the never-ending stream of due diligence questionnaires, many are being tasked with HITRUST certification by a healthcare provider, a payor, or another important third party or client. Even if you’re not being asked to get HITRUST certified right now, there are four key reasons why you may want to consider this path sooner than later.

  1. Certify to a widely accepted framework. HITRUST has been long considered the gold standard in healthcare cybersecurity as a comprehensive and “certifiable” framework, even gaining a regulatory nod with the passing of Texas’ House Bill HB300 in June 2011. Over time, HITRUST has expanded to include multiple regulated industries such as finance, hospitality, and utility. After years of investment in harmonizing the proliferating compliance laws and standards, HITRUST Alliance’s HITRUST certifications are becoming the prevailing accepted certification for demonstrating the implementation, effectiveness, and now maturity of the security and privacy controls around your systems and solutions.
  1. Reduce your overall due diligence cost. Many think of the cost of completing the HITRUST preparation, audit, and certification itself as just that—pure cost. Managing the myriad of regulatory requirements your organization is demanded to attest to can be daunting and resource intensive. We encourage you to look at the time your team spends answering due diligence or security questionnaires and requests, and the opportunity cost of that time over and over again, and you might find that you come out ahead or neutral in cost effect. This becomes even more amplified if it’s your Development Manager, CIO, Chief Scientist or Chief Engineer who answers the request.
  1. Elevate your brand. You already know your organization provides valuable solutions and services, but in a highly competitive market it’s more important than ever that you give it the best chance possible to thrive and grow. Having a certification that is widely recognized can give you a competitive edge, and in many cases, if your competition has already taken this step, it’s necessary just to level the playing field. HITRUST certification demonstrates to the market and investors your organization’s understanding and deliberate investment in the security and compliance of consumer data.
  1. Streamline your certifications. Assess once, use many. HITRUST unifies recognized standards and regulatory requirements from NIST, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, FTC, COBIT and most recently DOD (CMMC). Organizations can leverage common work efforts across certifications with a simultaneous approach to reduce cost and assessment fatigue.
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Industry veterans know that when it comes to security and compliance, HITRUST certification is the gold standard. Agio offers experience and expertise in the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) as a Certified Assessor Organization in support of your organization’s goals and initiatives. Give us a call to have a discussion with one of our Assessors and conduct a formal scoping exercise to determine the size and scope of your certification.