Since founding Agio, potential clients come to us for almost always one reason, and it’s the same reason that led me to start Agio. “I’ve outgrown my existing provider” is the phrase we hear time and time again, as clients go on to discuss needing a more sophisticated partner who can see them through their exciting growth spurts, meeting the needs of more demanding institutional investors.

Since the beginning, our strategic aim has been to secure and assist complex firms; and complexity can come in many forms, i.e.number of employees, assets managed, geographic locations, diversity of investment instruments, investment venues, etc. All things being equal, Agio will outperform our competitors when servicing these complex firms. Why? It begins with my background at SAC Capital where I was responsible for architecting and operating a very complex IT environment, and the story continues as I built Agio to flex and scale with the operational and governance needs of similar enterprise firms – both on the IT and cybersecurity sides of the house.

But how do we prove this ability to serve complexity? What are the specific, tangible attributes of Agio that enable us to handle these more sophisticated clients?  These five areas are the foundation of our excellence:

  1. Service Diversity
  2. In-House Cybersecurity
  3. Governance Focus (and not just “break/fix” IT support)
  4. Enterprise Tools
  5. Dynamic Training


Let me explain…

Expansive Service Portfolio: We provide a wide range of à la carte services demanded by our clients – from server and network management, to database administration and job monitoring, to public cloud migrations and administration, and finally to highly complex cybersecurity governance and operations. We have the deep knowledge in a breadth of areas, all of which are performed in-house, unlike certain competitors quick to lean on third-party outsourcing.

In-House Cybersecurity: Ever since we acquired Secure Enterprise Computing in 2013, we’ve possessed robust cybersecurity capabilities in-house. For me personally, it was always critical these skills be in house. But it is more than that, we needed this mindset inside the firm at all levels. Why? Because beyond traditional cybersecurity services, I believe industry best practices need to be performed within our managed IT services as well, i.e. server management, database management etc.. Because of the intense focus on cybersecurity within Agio, our teams are constantly enhancing Agio’s services by improving reliability and most importantly, security.

Governance Focus: As IT environments mature and become more complex, impeccable service becomes more difficult to deliver. In order to avoid the problems that plague many service providers, Agio focuses on governance structures and execution activities to ensure we’re proactive, keeping our clients secure and reliable. While you can certainly separate out IT operations, cybersecurity operations, IT governance and cybersecurity governance into different vendors, there is real power when you harness this combination through a single vendor with a 360 outlook and responsibility.

Enterprise Tools: When you manage over a thousand servers, hundreds of network devices and thousands of users, who are operating at lightning speed, trading some of the most complex markets in the world, you must have great tools to keep operations secure and stable. Since the beginning, Agio has leveraged enterprise class tools and partners like Microsoft, Cisco,, Tenable, AlienVault, Palo Alto, LogicMonitor,, Domo, etc. We don’t want to reinvent the software wheel; we want to utilize it to its fullest extent so we can focus on service.

Dynamic Training: Our teams have the best tools, but we can’t forget about training. Through the Agio Academy we keep our engineers up to speed on the latest technologies as well as how to deliver the best customer service experience. Through this balance of technical training, communication skills and the right way to deliver quality service, we equip our teams with the dexterity necessary to serve even our most complex, demanding clients.

After reading this – would you call us?  We’d love to know.

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