Several weeks ago the world blew up with COVID-19, and we all scrambled to set up remote workforces. This forced CTOs to make some hasty and tough decisions around devices, security configurations, and end-user permissions, among many other elements. Now that most organizations are fully operational from home, the question is, where are your holes? Rapid shifts in infrastructure mean more chances for a hacker to find and exploit any unintentional exposures in your surface area.


This is why we architected a Remote Access Infrastructure Cybersecurity Health Check, designed specifically for our clients to go back, assess and fix what might have been rolled out that weakened their cybersecurity posture. We’re undoing what’s been done to make sure your people, processes and technology are safe. Clients are hungry for this, and we’ve seen high demand across the board.  Here’s a summary glimpse into what we address for you when evaluating the cybersecurity health of your new WFH environment.


What We Do

  • Review Documentation
  • Perform External Vulnerability Scan
  • Execute Focused Penetration Testing Activities
  • Assessment of:
    • Organizational Use of Virtual Collaboration Platforms
    • VPN Termination Point Configuration Review
    • WVD/VDI/Citrix Config Review
    • Authentication Protocols
    • Endpoint Review
  • Launch Phishing Campaign
  • Facilitate Remote Workforce-Specific Tabletop Exercise
  • Conduct a Home Infrastructure Questionnaire
  • Provide Prioritized Remediation Recommendations
  • Present Executive Stakeholder Briefing


Whether you’re working with us or another partner, we highly recommend companies begin to put some sort of evaluation in place to understand, organize and prioritize your cybersecurity remediation efforts. And if the evaluation takes a multi-phased approach, ensure its evolving over time to address the developing threat landscape in this rapidly shifting COVID-19 environment.


Investors and stakeholders are asking more questions than ever around the technology and cybersecurity you have in place to support your fund’s now fully remote workforce. Leading CTOs know they have to get ahead of the curve and proactively engage cyber-partners that can both help strengthen their security posture and also prove it with executive briefings and documentation.

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If you have any questions about how our clients are leveraging Agio for this Health Check, or would like to explore how we can help, contact us.  We’re here for you.

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