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$1.5M Cybersecurity Fine for Chicago Futures Brokerage

Does your fund have gaps in its cybersecurity governance and testing regimen?

CIS Controls v7

Worms, viruses, phishing, advanced persistent threats (APT), IoT devices, users clicking on bad links, attacks from organized nation states…where do you start to defend?

GDPR & What Financial Services Needs to Know

How does the EU’s GDPR apply to you? What challenges do you face to comply? Does the regulation really have teeth?

SEC Warns of Fraudsters

The SEC issued a warning to the public concerning fraudsters, who are impersonating the SEC in an attempt to trick potential victims to steal both personal information and money.

In Cybersecurity, Governance Trumps Technology

A strong cybersecurity program depends on governance to ensure broad participation, establish clear authority, and enable fully informed decision-making.