My start at Agio

I started at Agio as a Quality Assurance intern. When I came on board, I was studying Management Information Systems at the University of Oklahoma, and I had ventured into programming during my studies. I showed my hiring manager a website that I created for the MIS Students Association, and they brought me on board. I didn’t even know what the software development lifecycle was at the time!

From there, I started working with the development team and transitioned over to business analysis work. I assisted with client due diligence questionnaires and internal systems administration and workflows. I also helped develop our internship program and worked with the Managed Security team to establish client posture reports. 

One of the major accomplishments in my earlier years with Agio was taking on our annual SOC (System and Organization Control) audit. Even as an intern, they trusted me and gave me full liberties to undergo vast projects. They have since allowed me to run point on all of our future attestations. 

After a year as an intern, I graduated college and was hired to work full-time with the development team and assist with internal projects. Working with Agio has granted me so much liberty to develop the skills that I am interested in as well as constantly being given the opportunities to grow and be challenged.

Becoming a Project Manager

With the skill sets that I developed as an intern and working with internal compliance, I transitioned over to the project management team on the cybersecurity side in 2018. This position unified all of the components that I gathered over the years and paired it with the internal affairs that I was managing as well.

With my six-year anniversary approaching, I continue to streamline our due diligence and internal auditing process. I actively work with our cybersecurity governance clients and internal teams to assist in creating and managing strong frameworks which safeguard the security, integrity, and availability of data.

What’s next for me

The wonderful thing about Agio is they will do their best to support you with training and guidance in order to accomplish your goals. I am currently working to obtain my Project Management Professional Certification. I’m also looking into ways to increase my compliance certifications for Agio internally. I may also look into cybersecurity in the future. Who knows?! The sky is the limit.

Our culture is contagious. Every employee is encouraged to develop themselves. We are not pressured for perfection but encouraged to grow and be better every day.

Eriana Butler
Project Manager