My start at Agio

Before Agio, I was at a law firm, and was the sole IT employee reporting into the CIO.  It was a unique position because I got to bring in all the technology I specifically wanted, but after that initial scaling up over 2 – 3 years, my interest started to wane.

I eventually met with a recruiter, who was pushing this Managed Service Provider (MSP), otherwise known as Agio.  Having been client side, there was no way I was going to consider moving to an MSP, but this specific recruiter was persistent and convinced me the position, Sr. Solutions Engineer reporting into the COO, Miten Marvania, was different.  So I took a chance and decided to meet with Miten.

We met several times and I peppered him with questions.  I was impressed with the breadth and depth of Miten’s knowledge, which gave me confidence that he, and the firm, knew what they were doing.  In May 2014, I accepted the offer.

Speaking up, and where it led me

My role was centralized around our monitoring platform at the time, which was the foundation of our Infrastructure Monitoring & Management service.  I learned the ins and outs of the tool, and then began taking on implementations, and eventually going on sales meetings as a Pre-Sales Engineer.  It was an interesting growth period, and I became a master of my craft – and our monitoring platform.

This platform also happened to be the underlying tool for our Managed Detection & Response service, and by December 2015, it was clear the team was struggling to make the platform work for the service.  As the subject matter expert (SME) in the platform, Miten called me in to do some reconnaissance.  I quickly deduced that our platform wasn’t built to scale for this particular service, and I began to make the case to Miten, as well as the other executives, that it was time for a switch.

Management let me direct the entire evaluation process to bring in a new tool, and I’m happy to report that both our Monitoring and Managed Security services are better for it today.  That’s what I love about Agio, they’re not afraid of change.  A tool that might have worked for us two years ago, might not work today, and they’re open to hearing from the SMEs on how to improve.  This kind of autonomy is what keeps me engaged, and is really what drives me to be better.

Moving up

After having proved that I was able to repeatedly go into teams and services, assess and identify areas for improvement, and turn things around, I was promoted to a Management position, in charge of both our Monitoring and Management as well as our Managed Security teams.  I was thrilled to join the leadership team, and it wasn’t long before I was given another challenge.

In spring of 2017, the firm had identified a different team that needed support and guidance – Server Management.  I began flying out to Norman, OK on a regular basis to meet with the team, understand their struggles, and help turn the team, and the service, around.  It’s been an interesting run so far, and one I look to continue.

What’s next

Eventually, I want to move into a CIO role, managing a combination of pre-sales, and steering the direction of the firm’s internal technology.  Picking the platforms, the tools, and the other elements Agio leverages to do business; and then managing those teams, who execute the platforms – this is where my real passion lies.

Agio looks for people who want to take the next step; people who want to learn, and prove themselves worthy.  And they give those people as much runway as possible to reach as high as they can.

David Costa
Director, Pre-Sales