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Our solution offers you ultimate flexibility and complete control over your data at a 30-50% cost reduction. Work with Agio and get that peace of mind you’ve been missing.

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Of course you have a disaster recovery plan, and you may even have a deliberate strategy around the future of your DR, but how often do you test? How often are those tests successful? Are you documenting changes in your environment and adjusting your DR environment accordingly? What about the cybersecurity of your DR environment? What about the ownership and portability of your data? Did another service provider talk you into locking up your data in their private cloud? And how much are you paying for that? These are all questions Agio clients feel 100% confident in answering when they leverage us for DR in the public cloud. Our solution puts you in control of your data, while we do the dirty work of ensuring you never have to wonder, “but, what if?”

Initial Evaluation

We conduct a thorough assessment of your current environment to create a detailed, custom analysis to properly size and correctly configure your DR environment. This evaluation is also what tells you how much you’re going to save when you move your DR to the public cloud with us.



We know what most people think when they think of migration. That’s why our engineers employ industry-leading proven methodologies and platforms to seamlessly expedite your data migration to your new DR location in the public cloud with no disruption, loss, or hassle to you and your team.

Recovery Plans & Testing

We run annual full DR tests to verify your systems and failover process are configured and documented correctly.  We then record and maintain this process in a shared location, so you have access to what becomes a living document. Our engineers continue this cycle throughout our partnership with you.

Cybersecurity Configuration Standards

Your DR environment shouldn’t be any less secure than production, and we implement Azure security recommendations, NIST standards, and our own security team’s principles when setting up your environment. Security is never an afterthought with Agio.


Replication & Support

We monitor your DR environment 24x7x365 to ensure everything is maintained to approved Recovery Point Objective (RPO) times, and we perform a monthly governance process to guarantee everything is operating properly, adjusting to any changes in the environment.

At Agio, we understand migrating your DR to the public cloud is a natural first step, especially when you look at the huge savings (30-50%) we achieve for our clients. But reducing costs means nothing if you’re increasing your cybersecurity risk. This is why we partner with Azure, and the complete set of security functionality built across all Microsoft’s products, coupled with our own cybersecurity engineers’ best practices and recommendations. Even more, we don’t lock you in – your data is completely portable – so if the day comes when you’d like to part ways with Agio, you have complete control. We believe enough in our technology and our service, we don’t need to trap you. This is what a true partnership looks like – doing what’s best for our clients, no matter what.

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